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Pizza & Pasta?!? My Experience At The World’s Largest McDonald’s

Pizza, pasta, an arcade, and a PlayPlace all at a McDonald's? If you are visiting the world's largest McDonald's it is all on the table!

Camping & More Beach Bummin’

As mentioned yesterday, we decided to put off our departure from Florida for one more day to camp on the beach. Fort DeSoto has a beautiful campground that sits right on the water. All three of us were enthusiastic about camping for the first time on this trip. The scenery here certainly made the decision to stay and camp very easy.

Beach Bummin’

Today was set aside as nothing more than a beach day. We slept in pretty late (which is the norm these days) and then did some laundry. While Jasmine folded the clothes, I hopped on the internet to search for the best beach in the area. I narrowed it down to a couple, both of which have been named the top beach in the USA before.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game – Tampa Bay Style!

To be honest, Jasmine was not very excited about the plan today. I don't know of any woman who would want to leave behind Miami Beach for a baseball game. This whole thing started a couple of days ago when I looked at the Tampa Bay Devil Rays schedule and discovered that we would be able to catch one of their home games. In reality we were already headed for the Tampa Bay area and I am just kidding about Jasmine being upset. We left Ft. Lauderdale at about 11am in the morning on our way northwest towards St. Petersburg.

A South Florida Marathon Tour!

Today our goal was to get in as much of South Florida in one day as possible. We wanted to see Miami Beach, Little Havana and my secret goal was to see the sunset out on the Florida Keys. The day went well and we were able to take in everything that was on the agenda. It was a long day however and starting at 11am didn't help any.

Out Of Orlando and Into Space!

Today we woke up ready to leave Orlando behind. After thirteen days we were eager to get back onto the road. Our first destination of the day was the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. Yes, this is the wonderful place where the space shuttles launch into space. I knew that KSC housed the International Space Museum, but I didn't know the extensive experience to be had there. It was almost like visiting another theme park.

The Story It Took 13 Days To Write!

I decided that this post will not feature too much information on Disney World but a quick synopsis of our time here. If you are interested, several sites can provide more information on Disney World itself. The goal of this post is to get you up to date on a few of our experiences over the past two weeks in order to prepare you for getting back into the flow of receiving daily updates again.

4 States, 3 Sore Behinds, 2 Tired Drivers & 1 Long...

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to share with you today. After a lot of spirited discussion, Jasmine and I decided to drive the 690 miles all the way to Orlando from New Orleans. This was also our first four state day as we started in Louisiana and drove through Mississippi and Alabama on our way to Florida.