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Save Money On Your Grocery Bills With These 5 Amazing Cards

Groceries are a staple purchase category for most U.S. households so we wanted to put together a list of the best credit cards for groceries.

Manufactured Spending for the Time Strapped & How I Can Meet...

Annual travel credits explained
A look at ways to meet large minimum spending requirements for credit card sign-up bonuses and the best options to manufacture spend for people without a lot of time.

Caution: You Should Be Careful with Amex Bonuses, Clawbacks Could Happen...

Guide: American Express Program Rules Including Application Restrictions, Card Limits and Difference Between Credit and Charge Cards
There's a new twist on those feared clawbacks by American Express. Even if you avoid manufactured spend on your new cards, they might go after your previous bonuses, if you broke the rules.

Many Simon Malls Will No Longer Sell Visa Gift Cards as...

Simon gift card fee increase
Many former Simon Malls have stopped selling Visa gift cards as of today as part of a corporate switchover.

FBA Reselling Tools: 9 Must Have Tools You Should Have In...

FBA Reselling Tools Note: Some links in this post are affiliate links. When you are reselling one or two items, efficiency really doesn't matter all that...

After the Bluebird/Serve Shutdowns, Blackhawk’s Purchase of Giftcards.com Has Another Negative...

After the news that Bluebird/Serve is shutdown as an avenue for MS, the Blackhawk acquisition of Giftcards.com looks even worse given its impact on other forms of manufactured spending.

A Few Thoughts & Considerations Regarding Today’s Bluebird/Serve “Shutdown”

Amex Bluebird and Serve Account Shutdowns
A few random thoughts and considerations regarding today's Bluebird/Serve shutdown. What happens with Amex Offers, subaccounts and what if your card wasn't shut down?

Discover Apple Pay Wrap-Up: My Cashback Haul & How Two Huge...

A final look back at the Discover Apple Pay promotion and how two mistakes I made along the way ended up costing me money.