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I Caved! Why I Bought Simon Visa Gift Cards Online...

Simon gift card fee increase
I previously wasn't a fan of ordering Simon Visa gift cards online. Why did I give it a try, and how was my experience? Find out here!

Are Simon Mall Online Orders Leading To Citi Shutdowns? Data...

I have heard a few rumblings that has me questioning, are Simon Mall online orders leading to Citi shutdowns? Share your data points.

Why Simon Visa Gift Card Online Ordering Isn’t a Big Deal...

Simon gift card fee increase
Much has been made recently about Simon Visa Gift Card online ordering. In my opinion, it's not a big deal. Let's get into why I think it isn't.

Simon Mall Locations Closed Until March 29th

This measure is already in effect today and will end on March 29. I’m sure it will probably be extended longer if the current situation continues.

Simon Mall Selling $1K Visa Gift Cards Until End of Year

Simon Mall recently began selling $1,000 Visa gift cards with an activation fee of just $3.95. It was supposed to be a temporary thing, but it has been extended once again.

Simon Mall Raised Gift Card Limits

Purchasing gift cards at Simon Malls is one of the options for increasing credit card spending, and there's some good news coming from them.

Simon Mall is Selling No Fee Amex Gift Cards

Simon Mall has a new promotion on Amex gift cards. For the next two weeks you can buy them with no activation fee.

Simon Mall Gift Card Deal, 20% Discount on Select Brands

Simon Mall has a new promotion on select  gift cards. You can get a 20% discount which comes in the form of a Visa Simon Giftcard. This offer could get you a very small profit or just free credit card rewards.