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(Targeted) $50 PayPal Referral Bonus Offer – $10 Per Friend

There is a targeted PayPal referral bonus offer going out via email that will snag you up to $50 in cold hard cash. The terms are easy to accomplish too!

(Targeted) Amex Business Platinum 75K Offer With No Lifetime Language

There is a new targeted offer floating around for the Amex Business Platinum card that offers 75,000 points after $5,000 in spend with no lifetime language.

Bonvoy Bonus Weekends Targeted Offers – Share Yours Here!

Marriott has sent out some Bonvoy bonus weekends targeted offers. I wanted to share the details of my offer and ask for you to share yours with us too.

Very Generous Free Gift for Alaska Mileage Plan Members – What...

Alaska Airlines is targeting certain members with a free gift offering. Find out what they are offering, the terms & help me decide which gift to choose!