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Use 2 Tickets Not 1 To Save Miles On The Avianca...

Extract maximum value & save miles on the Avianca LifeMiles award chart by making 2 separate bookings instead of 1 ticket, but it's not always a good idea.

The Economics & Perks Of Our Nearly Free $5K+ Last Minute...

I surprised my wife with a last minute trip to Hawaii for her birthday. Our trip should have cost over $5K, but our flights and suite including tons of perks were almost free!

When Travel Gets in the Way of “Travel Hacking” & How...

Sometimes travel gets in the way of taking advantage of amazing deals. Should one regret taking a trip if it means missing out on a ton of great deals?

Travel Hacking Towards Better Travel: My Upcoming $8K Retail Value Trip...

Details of my upcoming $8K retail value trip which includes stays in luxury suites, an all-inclusive and even the flagship Park Hyatt property.

Travel Hacking Mexico City – The Economics of My Recent Trip

The economics of my recent trip to Mexico's capital and how I saved hundreds of dollars on hotel, flights and transport.

Travel Hacking Trips For Two: A Weekend in Seattle for Less...

How to take an amazing weekend trip to Seattle or just about anywhere else in the Continental United States for a negative cost with just a few credit cards.

Getting HUGE Value for Your Points During Peak Times Like Independence...

Our Independence Day Weekend This past weekend my wife and I decided to take the baby on her first road trip. With our son up...

Kayak Releases a Travel Hacker Guide?!? (And I Like It!)

Kayak has released their Travel Hacker Guide 2015 with a number of Top 10 lists and global travel tips based on data collected from millions of searches done on the site. The results are quite interesting and potentially useful.