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Savings catcher review - Price matching
Walmart’s Savings Catcher is a new program which is very interesting.

Walmart’s Savings Catcher Review

Walmart’s Savings Catcher program was introduced to take price matching to a new level. By automatically taking the items you purchased and comparing the prices to other retailers, it makes price matching simple. In other words, Walmart is trying to make you confident that you are paying the lowest prices possible. In this Walmart Savings Catcher review I will cover the program in detail and show you how it worked in the real world.

Walmart’s Current Price Matching Policy

For as long as I can remember Walmart has had a pretty simple price matching policy. All you have had to do is bring a competitor’s ad and the cashier adjusts the price at the register. (This policy is still in place if you prefer it.)

In addition to seemingly being an invitation for fraud, this policy sometimes causes lines to backup. If someone is price matching every item in their cart it can take a very long time for them to complete their transaction. I have been caught behind or two of these people in my day.

How Savings Catcher Works

Savings Catcher Review - Explanation.
The Savings Catcher process.

Walmart’s new Savings Catcher aims to make the price matching policy simpler. All you need to do is shop at Walmart like normal, go home and enter your receipt number or scan the barcode on their app within 7 days of your purchase. Walmart’s system then takes your receipt info and compares what you paid to the prices in local competitor ads.

If a competitor has a lower price for the item, then Walmart will give you credit in the form of a gift card. This seems very simple and more desirable as a consumer than dragging a variety of ads at the store and waiting while the cashier manually adjusts the price on each item. Click here for my real world experiences with Savings Catcher.

Savings Catcher & Bluebird

Savings Catcher Review - Bluebird.

Walmart made a push a couple of years ago when it launched Bluebird with American Express, but since then Serve really has surpassed it in terms of features and attractability. (Serve has online credit card loads & Amex Offers for example.)

I personally have switched over my Bluebird to a Serve card and detailed how you can to. Unfortunately for me, Walmart’s Savings Catcher makes Bluebird a lot more attractive.

Through at least 2/28/15, if you load your Savings Catcher money to Bluebird, then Walmart will double it. (Up to $599.99 per calendar year per account/person. Not per household.) This is a huge win in my opinion. Unfortunately the money loaded to Bluebird from Savings Catcher can still only be used at Walmart. If you shop at the store often, that should not be an issue. Also remember you can buy anything with the rewards dollars and not just groceries.

Bluebird Vs. Serve

Savings Catcher Review - Adds value to Bluebird.
Walmart’s new Savings Catcher makes Bluebird more attractive.

While I don’t plan to do an extensive comparison here, if you do a lot of shopping, then Savings Catcher may make Bluebird a better option. Serve comes with $1,000 monthly in online credit cards loads. ($1500 for Softcard version.) Saying you average about 2% cash back for that spend, you are earning $20 ($30 for Softcard) back.

I can easily see families or other people who spend a lot on groceries earning much more than $30 back each month from Savings Catcher. Of course some people use Serve to meet minimum spends for credit card bonuses, which means they are effecitvely earning much more than 2%, but that is a YMMV situation. Also, Serve does have Amex Offers which may affect your decision. Either way, this offer strengthens the argument for Bluebird!

A Few More Things

Savings Catcher Review - Double money with Bluebird.
Double the money on Bluebird or half on a Walmart card? No decision here!

There are naturally a few restrictions buried in the fine print on their site. First off, you must register for a Savings Catcher account. Additionally, you can only submit 7 receipts per week for price matching. I don’t see this as being an issue for most people.

Naturally some items are exlcuded including: “private label, deli, bakery and weighed products like meats.” They also exclude a host of general merchandise items like electronics, jewelry, apparel, etc. This system is meant to price match groceries.

Walmart uses a third party service to collect the ads and prices for local competitors. Very interesting. They also mention that local competitors are chosen based on top retail sales in your areas as determined by Nielsen. Finally, they take the price before coupons meaning extreme couponers may find it even easier to get their purchases for free. More questions? Check their FAQ!

Does Savings Catcher Work

Savings Catcher Review - Entering in receipt.
Enter your receipt # and transaction date on the Walmart Savings Catcher website.

While this isn’t an extensive test of the system, I searched a couple of my local ads for items and purchased them at Walmart for a higher price. The biggest three grocery chains in my area are Smith’s (Kroger), Vons (Safeway) & Albertson’s. I actually found it difficult to locate a product from each that is more expensive at Walmart.

After coming home, I entered the TC# which is located above the barcode on the receipt along with my transaction date. I had hoped it would process immediately, however the system said it will take 2-3 business days. Find out the results of my test along with other real world Savings Catcher observations in my follow up post.

Savings Catcher Review - Comparing Prices.
Walmart Savings Catcher is now processing my receipt!

Savings Catcher Review Conclusion

Walmart is obviously using their new Savings Catcher program to not only grow their grocery business, but to promote Bluebird as well. Ads for Savings Catcher are all over my local store along with the bags and receipts. It is clear that this is a huge new initiative for the giant retailer.

To find out more about how the program worked in the real world, see the second part of this Walmart Savings Catcher review. You can also find out how to redeem your Walmart Bucks from Bluebird.

Shawn Coomer
Shawn Coomerhttps://milestomemories.com/
Shawn Coomer earns and burns millions of miles/points per year circling the globe with his family. An expert at accumulating travel rewards, he founded Miles to Memories to help others achieve their travel goals for pennies on the dollar. Shawn also runs a million dollar reselling business, knows Vegas better than most and loves to spend his time at the 12 Disney parks across the world.

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  1. Walmart Saving Catcher is a waste of time, after you spend time filing your receipts and you accumulate some cash back it disappears from your account and customer service don’t even have an explanation so…use your time for something more useful. My disappeared on May 25, 2018.

  2. I’m very annoyed I started the savings and it was great at first and then I was told my pass word and email didn’t mach to change my pass word this has happened 3 times and I had $13,$8, and I’m not sure on the last one. Why dose it keep telling me to change my pass word & What can I do so this doesn’t keep happening ?

  3. Can I use them to buy gift cards at Walmart? I think someone said it works on the visa ones but not sure of the others? I wanted to buy Disney gift cards to save for our trip…I’m up to $60 and we are not going till sept 2017.

  4. Does Walmart/Bluebird still do the 2x Savings Catcher thing? I saw where it said through “at least 02/28/2015”, but I was hoping maybe it was extended. I’m sure it’s over, but I just wanted to make sure.

  5. What if you don’t want a e-card or Blue Bird card…..I am cashing out at walmart and want to use my $20.00 savings catcher amount applied to my purchases. I only see the two options when I click on the “Get It Back” button. I have asked several cashiers and they ALL say “I don’t know”. Does anyone know how you just apply your $$ for the present purchases without getting a card?

    • Patty, you can print the ecard, or if you have a good smart phone (I have to remove the case with its built in screen cover from mine), the scanner can read the Barcode right off the phone screen. The cashier’s instructions on how to apply it are in the emailed ecard.

      Cashier Instructions:
      1. Total the order
      2. Select “Shopping Card”
      3. Scan the bar code on this page

      To redeem and save at Walmart or Sam’s Club:
      In-store: Print this email and present it at checkout.
      Online: Select “Gift Card” as your payment method during online checkout.

  6. It says we can submit up to 7 receipts per week. Exactly what is considered “per week”? It is per calendar week? Or is it from the point you submit your last receipt? I looked at the Walmart website and it doesn’t explain it.

  7. I accidentally redeemed my avaliable money to the wrong email address .. I can not access that email account .. is there any way to get that money back and into my new email account?

    Where do I receive a card that this earned money goes on?

  8. How long does it take for you to get the email with the ecard number after selecting the “get it back” button?

    • Save yourself some time. As soon as you redeem your savings will disappear and they will claim you spent it in a state you’ve never been to then tell you it was hacked and they’ll check into it. After several calls answer 1 1/2 months later, they’re still checking into it.

      I just stopped doing my shopping at Walmart (where I’ve shopped for many years) and get immediate savings at Krogers.

  9. My cash back is showing “redeemed”, but I can’t use it, somehow, part of it is on egift card and some showing underget a bluebird acct now site. Do I have to open a bluebird acct to access the rest of my reward cash?

  10. Ok I see people still having trouble redeeming savings catcher points on bluebird. I used to work for walmart and didn’t notice this was a problem this big so… when the savings gets transfered over to your card and the balance shows you swipe the card as gift card sometimes it will say egift on the machine and if it doesn’t show up on the screen press cancel when it shows a pin and it will give you the options on the bottom right that says change payment. Change the payment and put gift and it should go through right of way. If this doesn’t help then I would recommend making a new account and don’t link bluebird.

  11. I like the Savings Catcher. I use it all the time as well. I did notice today the app was not giving the BB option but was able to redeem on the website. First time we used our BB card we didn’t have any problems. Knocked $79 dollars of the bill, it was awesome! 😀

  12. I love it and use it all the time. I’m one of those who buys everything at Walmart because I can GET everything there and not run to multiple stores. I just cashed in $35 to a giftcard and all it took me was about 5 seconds each time I shopped to click on the app scanner, hold it up to the receipt, click the date and click submit. I’m there once or twice a week. I get my prescriptions, makeup, car needs, groceries, electronics, toys, cards, clothing….everything.

    • LOL!

      And here’s my original post. Cashed mine in before March 4 and never got to use it. They don’t want my business anymore apparently.

  13. Not too impressed. It all seems great at first and yes it does seem like I am going to get money back. I tried to redeem my rewards dollars 3 days ago. I got a message saying that it would take UP TO 24 hours and I need to receive an email with the e-gift card. Today, still nothing. I went on the help page and found that I can have my e-gift card resent through the website. I did that and it still doesn’t work. In the meantime, Walmart seems to find ways to reach my email for a bunch of promotions but apparently not to let me have the money they owe me. After 25 minutes on the phone, I now find out that they’ll try and have a pdf version of the gift card emailed to me (to the same email that they apparently can’t send me the original gift card to) and that I now have to wait up to 30 DAYS!
    Very disappointing indeed. Sounds to me more like a scam!

  14. I had no problem using mine. A Bluebird customer service gal (a few weeks ago) told me they had another promotion as well, for every two transactions of $75 or more each, they will refund $15 to your blue bird card. You have to have money on your B.B. card, use it in walmart to pay for purchases, and make two separate trips spending $75 ea within a month to receive the $15 back. I have no idea if this is still going on, but I did receive the $15 one time…and it is separate from walmart bucks, I was able to use mine to pay for a textbook I needed for class.

  15. I have been doing the savings catcher from walmart since august and i just finally was able to do enough research to decide to go with this blue bird card. Now I just cant figure out how to get my $ onto the bluebird card

    • Just login to your account on Walmart.com and you should see an option to send the Walmart Buck$ to your Bluebird card. Just follow the prompts and you should be able to set it up.

  16. I had 18.00 that i had saved up on savings catcher and i submitted another receipt on monday 1-19 and checked my savings balance as of yesterday and the total was 18.00 i just checked it and it is showing a balance of zero dollars saved and zero dollars redeemed. How do i get back the money i was saving? When i looked at the past receipts where it broke down my savings nothing is itemized anymore with walmart vs competitor. Help!!

  17. Can you redeem your money you’ve earned from savings catcher onto an actual gift card that you already have.

    • Yes you can. According to their website:

      “Bluebird Members can use Walmart Buck$ to make purchases at the following participating Walmart properties in the domestic U.S. and Puerto Rico:

      Walmart Stores (U.S. and Puerto Rico)
      Walmart Supercenters (U.S. and Puerto Rico)
      Walmart Neighborhood Markets
      Walmart Gas Stations / Walmart Fuel
      Walmart Express
      Walmart To Go
      Super Ahorros (Puerto Rico)
      Amigo Supermarkets (Puerto Rico)”

  18. I have a regular gift card from Walmart i got for Xmas…Will i be able to transfer my Walmart gift card to my Blue Bird card? I know this is a little bit off topic…Thanks

  19. What time frame do you have in order to use your Savings Catcher money?Do you have to use it in a certain amount of time?

    • There is no published expiration on Walmart’s site. They should be good as long as you have your Bluebird card. To be sure, you can contact American Express and ask if they will expire.

    • No, unfortunately the only time you can transfer Walmart Buck$ to Bluebird is when you earn them. Once they have been transferred to an eGift card, then they cannot be transferred to Bluebird.

  20. I had, I beleive $8.40 and change one day on saving catcher rewards and next day it showed zero and says $8.48 redeemed. I had ordered a blue bird card and finally received that but now nothing shows of this money. I realize it isn’t even enough to worry about but at same time I don know that I want to continue if this is how it works. Has anyone had similar issues or can help me in anyway. Thank you in advance.

    • Then someone in Kansas probably hacked your account too. Or at least that’s the latest story Walmart thinks people will buy. I’ve been a faithful Walmart shopper for many years, making 2 or 3 trips there per WEEK. The first time I redeemed my savings catcher rewards to a gift card, I tried to use it at Walmart and was told I had a zero balance. I went online and found it was true. I checked history and it was blank. I sent an inquiry and got no response. I searched the web, called the only number I could find and laid on the zero til I got something breathing. They said my account was one that got hacked and they’d send it for review and said to change my password. So an account gets hacked and you MAY find out and change your password before worse happens. Very secure system they have.

      Here it is over a month and they are avoiding it. So…I’m avoiding them. Haven’t been to Walmart in weeks. The savings I cashed in and never got to use isn’t worth the time it takes to fix their mess.

      I think Walmart has grown too big for their britches and think they can’t lose now. Employees are often sour, you can’t find help at all anymore. They treat their customers like dirt and faithful customers are turning away.

  21. Hello you guys. I have a Walmart gift card, (wallet-type), and want to know how to transfer it to my bb acct. My mother has stage 3 cancer and I normally get her meds at Walgreen’s and Walmart. Meds are expensive but if I could transfer this actually gift card for $200, that could give me $400 for her meds…, right? I have registered for savings catcher. I have uploaded this gift card to my savings catcher acct. I just DO NOT see an option to transfer the balance from my “gift card” to my bb card. 🙁 Please help me!

  22. It FINALLY worked! I was able to transfer Catcher $$ to my Bluebird acct. Now we’ll see if I can use without a hitch…

  23. I recently activated my Bluebird card & have been trying for DAYS to get my Savings Catcher $$ transferred over (for the 2x ), however every time I log in to BB to do this it tells me they can’t transfer savings right now & try back in an hour. I’m a Walmart employee & know some of my customers have previously done this & worked for them. Is this a recent problem? Anyone else having same issue? I’m getting tired of dealing with it.

  24. I have used the savings catcher app now for over a month. Everytime it notified me that it had found savings rewards for me and asked me if I wanted it on an e gift card or on my bluebird card. I opted for it to be transferred to my bluebird card. However, the past 2 times I’ve used it; it hasn’t even given me the option to send it to my bluebird card. I don’t know what to do. But I have missed out now on getting over 10 dollars sent to it.

    • I would give American Express a call. They have vowed to work with everyone to figure this out, although this mostly seems like a Walmart website issue. You aren’t the first one to report this issue.

    • I noticed I am only able to redeem to bluebird through the full website, but my mobile app is still available to scan receipts or redeem to an e giftcard. The e giftcard was easy to redeem at Walmart, I have yet to try redeeming my bluebird amex Walmart Bucks. Based on previous postings, I am skeptical!

  25. I have the savings catcher app on my phone and love it, I have managed to save up over $50 thus far… I tried doing the egift card the first time with my first $15 I saved and that was a total pain, so the next nice chunk I put on my existing BB card I already had and I’ve used that at a couple different walmarts…. now the very first few times I swiped my BB card it was declined, and the manager had to come over because the cashier and I couldn’t figure out why, we literally tried everything… well I guess we were running the card through incorrectly, so it was operator error… once we got it to go through right everything was fine and we were on our way… I havent had any issues since…

  26. I redeemed my savings catcher money onto a new Bluebird card and went off to Walmart to make a purchase. The transaction was rejected every time. The cashiers were running it through as a credit. Six different employees tried and it still rejected due to insufficient funds. I called Bluebird customer service and they confirmed the Walmart Bucks balance, but it kept rejecting. After about an hour on the phone with a Bluebird customer service rep (who kept putting me on hold while she called technical support) the transaction finally went through. Bluebird had to move the funds from the Walmart Bucks balance to the Bluebird balance in order for the transaction to clear. So, I do think that even if you have a Walmart Bucks balance, if the Bluebird balance is $0 your transaction won’t go through.

  27. It has been a MONTH since I first tried to use my “Walmart Bucks” to make a purchase at a Walmart store. IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have “Walmart Bucks” now…super…but I cannot use them.

    Store manager said it was a corporate issue.
    Saving Catcher emailed me a link to FAQ’s for savings catcher and bluebird.
    Bluebird gave me a ticket #…A MONTH AGO. I call and they just say that there is no resolution.
    Cashiers barely even know what the promotion is.
    I just keep trying when I go there thinking one day it will work – but it hasn’t – not in the last month anyway.

    You would think if they were going have this big of a promotion they would find out if it works. Really no excuse for it. My guess is they will find a “resolution” about March 1, 2015 – AFTER the promotion is ended!

    How horrible is it that they are marketing a product with a promotion that does not work and no one seems to care.

    • I am so sorry that you haven’t found a resolution. I reached out to Walmart for a contact in corporate that you and others could talk to to get problems resolved, but sadly they haven’t responded.

      • I’ve searched all over & find no answers to my question. Perhaps you can help. Here you say the cards cannot be used at Walmart Gas station (Murphy USA), but below, a few replies down, you say that you can use the bluebird cards at their gas stations. So, for clarification, the eCards CANNOT be used at the Walmart gas station (Murphy USA), but the bluebird cards CAN be used at the walmart gas stations (Murphy USA)?

  28. When I got my savings catcher redeemed cash it doesn’t offer how to redeem it like on ur screen shot and I have been searching online to figure out y. I just got my bluebird card n the mail and it is activated but nothing on it from walmart savings.

    • Have you set up your online account at Bluebird.com? If so, you should see an option to link your Bluebird account when logging into Savings Catcher on the Walmart website. Let me know if that still doesn’t help. I have reached out to the company to get more help for people who are still having problems.

  29. Another week…BlueBird card still showing a “Walmart Bucks” balance, but STILL cannot redeem at WalMart.

    Bluebird gave me a ticket number a couple weeks ago. Walmart cashiers know nothing about it. Walmart customer service gave me a general response to see the FAQ’s of Bluebird.

    I cannot believe that they have this going on and no one cares that it doesn’t work!

    Signs are up all over the Walmart store. I just laugh. Bluebird sends you to Walmart, Walmart send you to the card. Savings catcher says to see FAQ’s.


  30. I don’t shop at Walmart for groceries anymore except for a few times a month when I need to pick up afew things. I have been using it for only a few months and have racked up $30 already. even if I get 2 or 3 things, I upload the receipt because you never know. I absolutely love it so far. and the fact that bluebird doubles it right now. WINNING!!!

  31. I called and the balance is double according to the phone message, however it is not double when I logged into my account. Hopefully, the card will show the correct balance when I go to use it.

  32. I opened a Bluebird Express Card so I could double my Walmart Bucks and they did not double. One response was to contact Walmart. I do not want to do this. This really bugs me when I have to spend my time and my phone minutes contacting Walmart and have to be put on hold and talk to someone I can’t understand. Really, is this fuss all worth it? I followed all the instructions, waited for the card to come in the mail, activated it, and now I have to call? Errrrrr.

  33. When i added my savings catcher money to my blue bird card it did not double. Does anyone know what to do about this?

  34. Same issue! I can’t redeem my Walmart bucks. I have over $16 too. The card wouldn’t even swipe. I’m in the Charlotte, NC area. Anyone had luck redeeming theirs?

  35. I followed all the rules. Used savings catcher, had a balance of about $15, redeemed through American express bluebird card, the amount was doubled into “Walmart bucks” went to walmart and tried to use the funds…doesn’t work. Now it’s just “pass-the-responsibility” game. Walmart says its a corporate issue, then they say its a bluebird issue, on and on. Who knows if I will ever be able to redeem this “great” deal. Scam promotion? Hmmm….

      • The funds do show in my “Walmart Bucks” balance. I logged in to my account and actually showed the cashier and manager the available balance of Walmart Bucks, which was more than the total purchase I was trying to make. Still didn’t work. And no one cares. Walmart employees just said they didn’t know, I would have to call Bluebird. Called Bluebird. They have no answers. They did give me a “ticket” number.
        That was 7 days ago. Tried again, just to see if the issue was fixed yesterday. Nope. Still doesn’t work.

  36. Thanks for the info and for doing the legwork. Glad there is no phone app required. I have so many apps cluttering/slowing down my phone already!

  37. CVS had a sale for Coke 75 cents for 2 liter. Limit 1. I bought 5 @ walmart @ $1.39. All got matched. With double for BB I got $1.28 per bottle back.

  38. Does Walmart consider price match with some online merchants, like drugstore.com. or bestbuy or Amazon? Or it is only limited to grocery items and compare their price with local stores?

  39. You cannot transfer these funds to your bank from BB, you can only spent this part of funds at Walmart.Also, limit for funds match is $599 per year.

    • Correct. These funds must be used on Walmart.com or at Walmart. They do limit the match to $599.99 per year per account/person. There is no mention of a limit per household so everyone in your house who shops at Walmart has their own $599 limit each calendar year. Additionally you can buy a lot more than groceries with this money since it can be used for any item that is sold by Walmart.

  40. Sorry, you can’t use the money for anything other than purchases at Walmart. Bluebird calls them “Walmart Bucks.” From the FAQ:
    Once you’ve redeemed Walmart® Savings Catcher Reward Dollars to Walmart® Buck$, all you have to do is use your Bluebird Card at participating Walmart stores and walmart.com and your Walmart® Buck$ will be automatically deducted to pay for your purchase.

    Walmart® Buck$ are separate from funds in your Available Balance and your SetAside Account and can only be spent at participating Walmart stores and walmart.com. Walmart® Buck$ cannot be transferred to your Bluebird Available Balance or your SetAside Account. Walmart® Buck$ are not redeemable for cash and cannot be withdrawn via an ATM or point-of-sale, or used for any other purpose (other than spend at Walmart stores and walmart.com) such as bill pay or other features available on Bluebird.

    • This is really for people who get their groceries at Walmart. Some people spend hundreds of dollars per week on groceries. This will be mostly beneficial to them since they will double up their savings. Plus for those who use coupons, they can probably get a lot of low cost items for free since Walmart takes the pre-coupon price. Ex. Item A costs $1.50 at Walmart and $1 at competitor. Person has a $.50 coupon for said item. They use the coupon for $.50 and Walmart gives them back $1, making the item free.

      For someone who eats out a lot or a single person who doesn’t buy a lot of groceries, I agree that this has limited potential. Either way the great thing about the program is that it figures everything out automatically. (At least it claims to.) We will see how that works in practice as more data points come in.


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