Serve Online Credit Card Loads Still Working

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amex serve credit card loads working

Serve Online Credit Card Loads Still Working

I know a lot of you have ditched Serve in favor of a REDcard (REDbird), but some of you have stuck with it. Once American Express announced that online credit card loads with Serve would end (from non-Amex cards), there seemed to be a mass exodus away from the card. Online loads were after all its main unique feature.

Shortly before the “end” of non-Amex online credit card loads last month, I speculated that setting up a scheduled add, may be a way to keep loading Serve from your preferred non-Amex card. At that time I setup a schedule with an indefinite end date that adds $300 per week to my Serve card.

Over the past two weeks I have heard rumblings that online credit card loads are still working from non-Amex cards. Since I had maxed out my loads for the month, there wasn’t any way to check. Now that the 1st has come around, I have some good news to report.

My Scheduled Add Worked

amex serve credit card loads working

I awoke this morning to find an email saying that my $300 scheduled load to Serve went through as planned. This load was from a Mastercard that has been linked to my account for some time. So far my plan has worked.

Manual Load May Work

amex serve credit card loads working
My Mastercard is still listed as a funding source.

While I wasn’t able to test this because I don’t want to mess up my schedule, it appears that manual loads should still work. The Mastercard linked to my account appears when I go to the “Add Money” screen which makes me think a load would go through.

Setup a Schedule

Since this seems to still be working for the moment, you may still have time to setup a schedule to hopefully keep this going. If doing this, I would probably set the the schedule to start next month and then I would max out my loads for this month over the next couple of days just in case things change for the worse.


If you still have an Amex Serve card you may want to login to see if you can squeeze out some more value before they shut down non-Amex loads. For now it appears the Serve’s usefullness has been extended. For how long we don’t know.

Were you able to load your card today? Let me know your experiences in the comments!

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  1. It’s July and my Serve Softcard account is still letting me load from a SWA Chase Visa. Has anyone that is still loading using this method tried to switch cards? I’m more than happy getting my monthly $1500 in Southwest points, but I’m needing to hit some limits on other cards and I wanted to try switching my SWA card to another non american express card. Has anyone done this successfully?

  2. I was able to do $500 with a serve softcard.

    As a side note…I have both a Redbird and Serve Card in my name. A friend sent
    money to my Serve Card after it was canceled. They reopened it to fix it and
    it was never closed.

    • Joe, I tried your “trick” of sending money to my closed serve account with the hopes of them reopening it, but it ended up just going to my redcard account. Any thoughts?

  3. Just loaded $500 on my serve account, it was/is a soft card version.

    I actually have a Redcard and Serve in my name…I was having issues with a payment that was sent to my
    serve after it was closed. They reopened it to resolve it and they haven’t closed it yet so I guess
    I was lucky.

  4. I have several Serve cards, 4 of them were linked to SC and I noticed those linked to SC, the non amex CCs were initially removed 4/16 but later they mysteriously reappeared but NOT on the regular Serve accounts. Even if manually re-added, the error message comes up saying only amex cards can be used for loading.

    I hope the SC linked accounts have been grandfathered so we can continue to enjoy the CC load perk. I also have RB but my Serve has been working well for me since I have a lot more WMs than Target.

  5. Random thought crossed my mind and I’m sure it’s addressed somewhere. Why not keep your Serve and use it to liquidate amex gcs?

    • Is this directed at me? If so, I am keeping my one Serve. I also have a Bluebird and then the rest of my family’s cards are REDbirds. (Of course only one of the cards is mine.) I have all of the cards so I can write about them if need be.

      • Yeah, to you! 🙂

        I was just thinking amex gcs could be loaded online as a cc to Serve couldn’t they? As a way to liquidate them I mean.

  6. I can confirm once again that it’s the softcard version that still works. I manage ‘5’ softcard serve for our family 😉
    no CCs were removed and $500 load worked on all… Finger crossed… two more days and I am set for another round… probably final one.

  7. success for me with two serve soft cards this morning. Two non soft serve’s had the CC removed by AMEX last month. Hoping max the CC load on the two remaining. Hopefully nothing will happen with AMEX IT over the weekend.

  8. The credit card I had linked to my regular serve has been deleted (by serve), and there’s no way to add a non-amex card now.

  9. @shawn do you have a softcard serve or regular serve? seems like over on FT its been softcard versions that have been working.

  10. I just loaded 500 manually. I didn’t set any schedule funding. My card was not deleted by serve. And it’s softcard serve.

  11. yes I was just able to do a manual load of $500 using my non Amex CC. It was already set as the funding source and not a new card.

  12. the problem is that at this point, you can’t add a credit card (non-amex) anymore to the profile, and the old cards were deleted automatically from the profile on April 16th…

  13. Serve sent me an email a couple weeks back and said they were deleting my Visa card – and they did. So, it’s not even in the account any more with no way to add it back.

  14. Shawn, was yours Softcard or regular Serve?

    The FT reports seem to be mixed from yesterday and this morning, some being able to load and some not. In any case, it sounds like a glitch is letting you guys still load (great!) so I don’t see this lasting too long. I don’t have Serve so I can’t test it.


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