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Caesars Rewards Reverses Diamond Claw Backs & Reinstates Status

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Caesars Rewards Reverses Diamond Claw Backs

Caesars Rewards Reverses Diamond Claw Backs

In somewhat surprising news Caesars Rewards reverses Diamond claw backs and has reinstated members status. We have covered the Caesars and Wyndham status match longer than most everyone else and it has been a great way to get waived resort fees and a $100 dinner each year. Well, this year Caesars decided to put an end to people matching back and forth between the two programs. The initially made the match for some and dragged their feet on others. A few weeks after the match period opened they also changed the terms of the program, denying re-matching. Shortly after that they clawed back most of the status they gave out. The lone survivors were people that matched from Wyndham and had the status because of the Wyndham Business Earner card.

They appear to have gone back on that move, at least for this year. I am guessing they realized that the terms were changed and their customers were effected without fair warning. I am sure the negative press didn’t help either.

Caesars Rewards Reverses Diamond Claw Backs

Caesars Rewards Diamond Status Match Email

Here is what the email says:

Subject: Good News! Your Caesars Rewards Tier Status Has Been Upgraded!


Your Caesars Rewards® Tier Status was recently downgraded because you no longer qualified for a Tier match in our Wyndham Rewards tier matching program. Under our current program terms, Wyndham Rewards members who have earned their Member Level through a tier matching program, including the Caesars Rewards tier matching program, are not eligible for a match. Please see our program website here for more information on Tier match eligibility.

After re-reviewing your original Tier match request and your account, we are postponing enforcement of the exclusion described above for your account until our next program year. We have upgraded your Tier Status to the level it was before the downgrade, and this Tier will remain in place until January 31, 2023. After that date, you can submit another request for a Tier match if you qualify. The terms and conditions of our program are subject to change at any time, so please review the program website next year to see if you still qualify for a match.

Thank you for being a valued Caesars Rewards member.

It appears everyone and their brother got this email at about the same time. Pretty impressive feat knowing their systems.

Caesars Rewards Reinstates Diamond Status: Final Thoughts

This is great news for the unsuspecting consumers that fell victim to this change. I don’t have a problem with companies changing their terms if they think a program is a hindrance their business. I do have a problem with corporations doing it after the fact, and without fair warning.

This is a good move by Caesars and I glad to see people made whole. I wish it had happened before last weekend’s MtM Diamond meet up. I know a lot of people changed their stay over to MGM after they lost status to get waived resort fees with their MGM Gold status. Some were even able to get it on Amex FHR stays.

Enjoy the status while you have it though. It looks like next year you will not be eligible if you don’t earn it, match from the Wyndham Business Earner card or match from Founderscard.

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Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. Fingers crossed, side note I guess I have been out of the travel game for to long and my tricks are rusty but in a couple of weeks it’s game on again. I made a mistake on the above website the site. The site I was thinking about is which has not changed since I used it last. It has many data points on different match requests and I saw a few data points saying: Caesar match failed when requesting it through the phone app but was successful when requested through the website on a desktop computer. If anyone tried and failed maybe worth trying again on a desktop.

  2. Great timing, thank you!! I have Vegas stays coming up middle of May I totally forgot about this program. I was once upgraded a couple years back but probably lost the Diamond status by now and need to reapply for the match again. Hopefully it will work out before my upcoming travel so I can finally get a chance to use the status.

    • Upon checking I have been downgraded to Caesar, Gold status but I just submitted for the Wyndham Diamond match and received a message of “success”, it will take up to 2 weeks for Diamond upgrade to apply. Hopefully that is true, just have to wait and see what happens. On another note, I just saw that has completed changed. Now you must have an account to gain access where it used to be free access before. I will have to make an account and play around. I used to use that site allot to map out ways to match different types of accounts.

      • Update: looks like Ceasars denied my Diamond match upgrade because my Wyndham Diamond status was given, not earned. I received this reply from Ceasars:

        “We appreciate your interest in your Caesars Rewards account. Unfortunately, your status with Wyndham Rewards did not qualify for a Tier Match with Caesars Entertainment. To qualify members needed to earn their status through hotel stays or the Wyndham (Barclay) Business Credit Card.”

  3. Make sure to check the Rewards desk about your $100 Celebration Dinner:
    My brother and I are Wyndham Business Earner cardholders. He matched to Diamond on Feb 1st, and got upgraded a week later. His status never got clawed back. I tried to match on Feb 4, but never got upgraded. Then on Mar 28, I received an email from Caesars, telling me that I have been upgraded to Diamond.
    Last weekend, we went to Caesar’s Reward desk to verify our $100 Celebration Dinner, and I was told mine is in my account. But my brother’s account did not have it. They told him that they will email corporate, to have the $100 dinner added. The next day, my brother went back, but it still wasn’t there. The Rewards clerk then added 10,000 Total Rewards points to his account, so that he can use that for dining instead.
    I told him to transfer that 10K to Wyndham instead, to use at Vacasa, which is worth more than $100, lol. He used it at Bacchanal Buffet.

    • @Bridget did you earn (stays or card) or match your Wyndham status? Seams Casear not matching Wyndham if the Wyndham status was not earned. If you had luck & not earned I try again.

  4. I’m upset at this whole pandemic thing because I live in Kansas City, I wanted the diamond membership so that I could enjoy the Laurel Lounge. Well, I no sooner get my diamond status and they shut down the Lounge indefinitely and so I really feel cheated out of the one perk I had desired so much. So, to get honest, I don’t care about having diamond status because there is not many other amineties that even apply to my area. Smdh. Do better Cesar’s.

  5. I tried matching multiple times this year. I never got an email saying why my tier wasn’t raised even though when I did the match the site said my tier would be raised to diamond within a week. I even sent them an email asking why and have not received any response. I think many of us have lost our diamond tier status because of Covid restrictions and the desire to stay healthy. Although I do understand the need to only provide perks to their better customers, it seems short sighted in light of the circumstances.

  6. Thanks for the DP Mark. Will try to rematch wifey’s account. We have a trip to LV this weekend and hoping upgrade will be there by then.

    • Even Caesars Gold members now get a deal at Atlantis. But BEWARE! Atlantis is NOT a resort you want to visit. Be sure to look at Atlantis travel reviews over the last several years. The resort has changed hands, there is little ongoing maintenance of the property, the employees are not paid well and are surly to guests. You do NOT want any trip at any discount to Atlantis. Look at the travel pictures of the property.
      This is no longer the benefit it was in years prior, and this did not start with the pandemic.

  7. I’ve been on the Wyndham/Caesars merry go round for years but wasn’t rematched to Diamond this year. I did not just receive an email like you mentioned. Does this mean that those of us who applied for the match but never got it this February will be granted Diamond, or only those who were briefly granted it/clawed back?

    • I had to apply for a match to my Diamond Wyndham Business Earners card status in March after being ignored/declined when I applied in February 2022. I was approved after I applied a second time, but not before I got stuck with a parking charge on an overnight stay at Flamingo in March. They would have tried to stick me with the resort fee, but I had that reversed due to service issues on my stay.

  8. They never took my Diamond away (no Wyndham business card either). Maybe it was because I qualified for Wyndham Diamond based on stays in 2018, or maybe I was just lucky. In any case I am glad everybody is getting their status back. I have a four night stay planned late next month (paying with Caesar Reward credits transferred from Wyndham), and now I won’t have to worry about any status change between now and them.

    Now to see if I have any luck with the Celebration Dinner, but I’m really not as concerned with that as I was with resort fees. Dining just isn’t as big of a part of my travel as many – maybe because I usually travel solo.

  9. Beat me to it . I was like what the hell let
    Me try again and it worked in less than 5 minutes . Till Jan ‘23.


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