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Yikes! The Caesars Status Match Wheels Have Come Off

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Caesars Status Match Issues

Caesars Status Match Issues

We have been writing about the amazing Caesars status match for longer than most. Over the years it has been pretty easy to accomplish and the payoff was notable. You could earn a $100 dinner, get free show tickets and waived resort fees all for just a few clicks. It was too good to be true for sure. This was all possible because of the Wyndham and Caesars Rewards partnership, similar to the Hyatt and MGM Rewards one. A few years ago you could match almost any hotel status to Wyndham Diamond and then match that to Caesars Diamond. Then the pandemic hit and Wyndham shut down their hotel match program. But, anyone already on the status match merry-go-round could still play the game. That is because of a month difference in elite status timeline, where you could match back and forth, between the two programs. It appears the sweet, sweet merry-go-round music has finally stopped. There are some serious Caesars status match issues.

Caesars Status Match Issues

New Terms Added

A few weeks ago Caesars added some new anti gaming terms to the status match page (HT Miles Talk):

Please Note: You must have earned Tier Status with your current loyalty program in order for your status to be matched.  Caesars Rewards will not grant status to WR members who came into the WR program from a tier match promotion with other programs or who previously had recent Caesars Rewards status that was about to expire, and vice versa.

I didn’t initially write this up because I wanted to give it time to breathe. People were still successfully getting the match from Wyndham Diamond, although in small and very slow intervals. Some had success right away with the match, others were still waiting. Some had success reaching out to Caesars while others were told they didn’t know why it wasn’t going through. It was all over the place really, but matches were still happening.

Caesars Status Match Issues Right & Left

Some more information has come in since then and things are not looking good. I initially figured these terms were put in place for next year, since they were added after the window opened. While they legally don’t have to honor the terms of the match, since it isn’t a financial product etc., I figured they would this year and then deny people next year.  Well, the cheapness of El Dorado has proved me wrong there. The company has squeezed every ounce of value out of the program, over the last year or so, since purchasing Caesars Entertainment so I should have seen this coming.

Even though some people have been able to get the match through we have had reports of that status being yanked back in the MtM Diamond group and Miles to Memories Facebook Groups. It appears Caesars has audited accounts and if your Wyndham status was from a match they are busting you all the way back to a lowly Gold.

Reader Jim D. reached out to Caesars Rewards about his match which never went through after several attempts and got this response as well:

customer service

What About The Wyndham Earner Card & FoundersCard?

Do the Caesars status match issues extend to the Wyndham Earner Business card and FoundersCard? That appears to be a mixed bag so far. The terms seem like the Wyndham Earner Business card’s Wyndham Diamond status should count since it is “money spent with Wyndham”.  Plus, a Caesars rep confirmed that it will count with TPG. We know how reliable front line reps can be, so take that with a grain of salt until we have actual data points though.

FoundersCard was another way to get Caesars Rewards Diamond status every year as a perk of its program too. This isn’t a match from Wyndham so it should still be fine. It is a paid partnership program and Caesars is one of FoundersCard’s partners. Having said all of that, Shawn’s Caesars Diamond status, which came from FoundersCard, has been knocked back down to Gold. FoundersCard is looking into it and has said it is an error. We will keep you updated on the resolution.

Caesars Status Match Issues

Caesars Celebration Dinner Issues

The best perk from the Caesars Rewards status match program is the $100 celebration dinner.  You were able to get a free dinner at most of the restaurants in the Caesars Entertainment portfolio (here is the complete list and the best options).

I haven’t heard of a successful dinner redemption yet this year though. Even people that have completed the Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Rewards Diamond status match have been told there was no dinner attached to their account. Some have reported seeing it in their account online, while others had it and then saw it removed. It is safe to say that your $100 free dinner is a long shot at this point.

There is a theory out there that 100 tier credits need to be earned to unlock the Celebration Dinner. That is mainly because of the terms in Caesars other status match offers. That is listed in their status match promo from other programs as well as their new one for sports betting apps. If you were matched, and it has stuck, then it is worth a shot. Earning 100 tier credits is pretty easy. You could get it from a little gambling or spending $100 on your hotel room or from dining etc.

Caesars Status Match Issues

The music has finally stop on this play and it is time to depart the ride. It isn’t all bad news, it appears you can keep it going a while longer if you grab a Wyndham Business Earner card. I think that FoundersCard will be another option as well, but we need to dig into that a little deeper, and will update you as we get that confirmation.

Even if you do get your Caesars Rewards status match to go through it doesn’t mean that it will stick long term. The clawback is Amex level here folks! Even if you make it through that the celebration dinner isn’t a guarantee either.

I think all of this will lead people to jump ship to the MGM Rewards and Hyatt status match game. With the MGM Rewards refresh it offers many similar perks to Caesars Rewards Diamond status. Waived resort fees for Gold members being the most important one. Unsurprisingly, their celebration dinner is tied to actually earning it though.

I can’t say that I fault Caesars Rewards for doing this. Giving people so much value for doing essentially nothing can’t go on forever. It was fun while it lasted though!

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Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. Hey Shawn or Mark, did you get an update on your Founders Card / Caesars status match?

    I’m interested in signing up for the card, and the Diamond status is a big one for me.

  2. Just received this email from Caesars:

    Your Caesars Rewards® Tier Status was recently downgraded because you no longer qualified for a Tier match in our Wyndham Rewards tier matching program. Under our current program terms, Wyndham Rewards members who have earned their Member Level through a tier matching program, including the Caesars Rewards tier matching program, are not eligible for a match. Please see our program website here for more information on Tier match eligibility.

    After re-reviewing your original Tier match request and your account, we are postponing enforcement of the exclusion described above for your account until our next program year. We have upgraded your Tier Status to the level it was before the downgrade, and this Tier will remain in place until January 31, 2023. After that date, you can submit another request for a Tier match if you qualify. The terms and conditions of our program are subject to change at any time, so please review the program website next year to see if you still qualify for a match.

    Thank you for being a valued Caesars Rewards member.

    A little too late for me. I cancelled my Planet Hollywood reservation after the aggravation. They asked my reason on-line. I stated you took away my status. Now booked for 6 nights at the Bellagio. I have to pay the resort fee, but most nights are comped anyway. Yeah, I am not happy with paying resort fees, but the Bellagio is worth it!

    • Got this too, would appreciate more grovelling since I already cancelled my planned stays. I had earned platinum & it was only a small bump. hrumph

  3. I received Diamond status via the WR business card in mid-February. I am currently in Vegas and checked yesterday to see if the celebration dinner had loaded to my account. I have approximately 200 TC. The supervisor at the rewards desk at Rio told me there was no celebration dinner on the account. I explained my situation and how I had received Diamond status. She promised to check on it and get back to me. It’s now been 36 hours, so far, nothing. Not looking too promising.

    • Interesting. Did you do the match before signing up for the card or after you got Wyndham Diamond from the credit card?

      • It was after I got the business card. I was approved for and received my Wyndham card in January 2022. Within a few days of approval, I was awarded Wyndham Diamond status. I then applied for a Caesars Diamond match approximately February 2nd. I received Caesars Diamond about three weeks later. In early March I went to a Caesars property in Columbus OH and inquired about the dinner. I was told to wait two weeks to see if it posted. At the Columbus casino I gambled and received about 200 tier credits on the account. Prior to that visit I had none. Now I am in Vegas and still no celebratory dinner on my account. I don’t know how others have fared but that is my story.

        Interesting side note: I went to the MGM Rewards desk at Excalibur and asked for a status match to MGM Gold based on the Caesars Diamond card. I got it no questions asked. The representative stated, “Weve been doing a lot of these.” Now I have the ability to stay at either Caesars or MGM properties with no resort fees, all for the price of a $95 Wyndham credit card.

        • Thanks for the info. I would reach out to Caesars Rewards help desk online since you should get one from the Wyndham card. Their system has been all over the place though.

          Wyndham Biz card is the way to go for cheap Vegas (or casino stays other places) for sure! Such a great deal if you can get it.

  4. Hey Guys,

    Love the show my experience has been different. Last year i was able to do the status match no problem. This year was more difficult. Went to Planet Hollywood to status match Wyndham rewards to Caesers the workers were rude and said oh you signed once already we can’t give you diamond. Okay fine went to Bellagio match my Hyatt Rewards to the Gold MGM rewards. Then I took the card to Caesars Palace the next day and was able to match my Mgm Rewards to Caesars Diamond. Just have to talk to the right people when signing up for these cards.

  5. The wife and I both matched in February from Wyndham Diamond. I have the Wyndham Biz card and she does not. She was busted back down to gold while mine remains Diamond. I can’t see the $100 dinner on the web at this time but going to Vegas in April so I will check on it. One thing to note on the Wyndham Biz card. Fee is $95 but they give 5x points for utilities. All my utilities charging on there nets me around 50k points per year – transferred to Caesar’s Rewards = $500.

      • Yep, thanks. Some trips the rooms are so cheap or comped that I don’t have to use the points so they keep building at 30k per year. Looks like as long as you earn some on a regular basis (at least every 6 months?) they don’t expire. In April I’ll rematch to MGM gold so I can get rid of their resort fees. I haven’t stayed at an MGM property in quite some time due to having no resort fees at Caesars.

  6. I have the founderscard as it allows me to subsidize trips to Atlantic City and Vegas, plus I don’t have to gamble to get the upgrades. Super with it if you spend more than 5 or 6 nights a year there.

    I was successfully upgraded this year with no questions, and got an email confirming the standard diamond benefits. Hope this info is useful!

  7. I have been staying at Caesars Palace probably the last 20 years! I go 3-4 times every year! I have been a Diamond/Diamond Plus for years!!! All of a sudden, I booked an upcoming trip and they dropped me to Platinum and they are now charging me a resort fee!! I’ve spent a lot of money at Caesars and have been very loyal. I never signed up for other cards at other hotels. Well, loyalty I guess in the end is not what they want!!! So disappointed in them!

  8. Most status is just advertising, coupons for free or discounted stuff at the edges. While I was Diamond, Caesar’s was our first choice for stays, gaming and meals. Now, not — plenty of choices in Las Vegas. If Caesar’s can fill all their rooms and tables, taking back the coupons was a good decision for them. But if not, maybe a bit of a rash policy choice. And I certainly hope it wasn’t based on who ‘earned’ the status—status is just a fiction, a way of distributing advertising discounts.

  9. For this Mon-Thr Las Vegas hotel guest, it will effectively cut off all my stays with Caesars. It was a good run while it lasted.

    While, if you load your account, and put in a companion, you will surely get comps for hotel reservations…but they are not comps when you have to pay resort fees. The only instance where our home will utilize the comps is at our local casino (Harrahs Southern CA). Otherwise, all our reservations will be cancelled, despite making them while a Diamond. We have already been told on the phone that we “may” face resort fees upon arrival.

    As an additional slap in the face, Gold status does not include parking. That is the death knell for me personally. Quite frankly, it is the only perk of the credit card…but even that has changed. You no longer get Platinum status outright. You have to spend, spend, spend.

    Now, there is some good news, albeit disguised as “great” news from Caesars, when in reality, it is just a gimmick. With a $5k spend on a Caesars Credit Card, you will earn 5k Tier Credits, awarded once, annually. This goes into effect after April 1, 2022. Previously, if you spent $5k annually, you earned Platinum Status, in name only with no tier credits being awarded. If you spent $10k, you got a VIP pass (meant absolutely nothing, except to skip the line at the Bacchanal buffet) This time around, you earn the status, and the tier credits. This is akin to MLife’s credit card (now MGM). Does it mean anything? Nope. But it does make you feel good seeing 5k tier credits in your account. If you are a gambler and earn other ways, they come in handy.

    While I was a dedicated Caesars guest and gambler, I was never to the level of earning Diamond outright. I get it. It is pure business by El Dorado and it takes what they view as free-loaders off their books.

    That is a two-way street however…..and this guest is going to MGM to sleep in a perfectly good bed that came as a true comp, did not pay resort fees, parking in a free lot, playing all the same games, and eating all the same overpriced food.

    As Caesars plays games, so will their guests. There is no such thing as loyalty, when it hits you in the pocketbook. Business is business from the guest’s perspective too.

  10. As of now I’m still Diamond. I do NOT have the Wyndham business card, but I did submit the match request on 2/1 (before the change in terms showed). I was approved within a week as I recall.

    I guess we’ll see what happens. I have CR credits so I guess I’ll do a trip either way, and possibly transfer some credits back to Wyndham if status does drop.

  11. I’m in Vegas now with my wife, no dinners are showing. We were told at the Bally’s DD we had to earn 100 Tier credits. We did that yesterday and they are saying our accounts now show the dinners.

    I have read where some are saying they can see the dinners online or in the Caesars app, can someone tell me where to find the dinners in our CE accounts ? Thanks

  12. I received a status match to Diamond via the WR Business credit card in late February. I was at a Caesars location in Ohio this past weekend and checked on the celebration dinner. I was told at the rewards desk that it was not showing on my account, although at the time I had no tier credits. I gambled enough on that visit to get the 100 tier credits that might unlock the dinner. I have a planned visit to Vegas in April. here’s hoping the dinner is posted by then.

  13. I did status match go around in February ( 3rd year) and was at Caesar’s reward desk in Vegas last Saturday to get my new Diamond cards. No problem. Plus, they told me they loaded my $100 dinner onto my card and gave me free bodies exhibit ticket. Just one free ticket now instead of 2 tickets like last year.

    • They only give one ticket now? Interesting I have not heard that yet this year. People were getting 2 just a few weeks ago.

      I would use the dinner ASAP if you didn’t while you were there. Unless you have the Wyndham Business card.

  14. Neither my wife nor I have the Wyndham biz and both of us were successful in matching our Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Diamond on 2/1 (took about a week). Both of us were showing the celebration dinner online in our accounts but it went missing last week when I checked after MilesTalk first posted the news about the possible ending of the status matching. We were in Vegas this weekend and went to the Caesars Rewards desk for our cards, and the attendant confirmed the dinner was showing on both accounts, and we successfully used each of them at Hell’s Kitchen and Gordan Ramsey Steak. For now, we are still showing Diamond online, but pretty much expect that to change at any time. At least we lucked out on the celebration dinners.

  15. I have Wyndham Diamond from Business Earner credit card. I rematched to Caesar’s Diamond on February 1, 2022, then stayed at Paris Las Vegas March 6-10 without any resort fees. I successfully used my $100 celebration credit at Bacchanal Buffet Caesar’s Palace on March 8.

  16. Just received an email from Caesars “apologizing” for allowing me to “tier match” via Wyndham partnership.

    “ It looks like we tier matched your status through our partnership with Wyndham Rewards. However, we will be downgrading your account because you must have an earned Tier Status with your loyalty program to be successfully matched.

    The good news is that there are many ways to reach a higher Tier Status with Caesars Rewards®. Earn Tier Credits when you shop, stay, play, dine and more!”

  17. I just have Wyndham status through my old Wyndham personal card – not earned status. So far my Ceaser’s status is still Platinum.

    • What Status do you have @ Wyndham ? Unless it’s a very old personal card I don’t recall any Wyndham personal cards giving Diamond status @ Wyndham……………

    • Not even close to true. This status match was mostly a thing that miles and points hobbyists knew about. For me, I gave Caesars my stays just based on this status. Not anymore! MGM has much nicer properties and treats me better anyway!

  18. It was more important that I got the MLife match to Gold and I did, as that’s where I stay, but it would be a bummer if my match to Caesars after so many emails will not result in the dinner credit, hopefully the 100 tier credit proves to be true!

  19. I was matched on Feb 28, checked yesterday and was rolled back to gold. Contacted Caesars just in case but have little hope they will do anything.

  20. Imagine that they are getting all the freeloaders out of the program who never should of been in it in the first place. Boooo hooooo. Now everyone will jump to MGM and it will completely dilute their program as well.
    This is the problem with this country, everyone wants a handout. Free covid money, let the govt cancel all the student loans. No personal responsibility and half the country plays zero in taxes and just lives of the productive members of society… boo hoo,!

    • What freeloaders? They offered a promo and people took advantage of it within the terms. Caesars changing the terms is certainly within their rights, but not giving any notice and retroactively downgrading seems a bit extreme and disingenuous. But you don’t care about that. You just wanted to talk politics right?

    • One of the more pathetic comments I’ve seen. You had the nerve to say other people were boo hooing and all you did was whine haha.
      I do understand Caesars getting rid of it as that’s their prerogative. However, the Diamond status is why I stayed at Caesars three times in the last 2 years and I likely wouldn’t have. I spent plenty money in their casinos and restaurants as did my wife! Resort fees are extortion and so not having those made the choice an easy one. The quicker lines and $100 dinner were the cherry on top. I have a conference to go to in Vegas in Sept and I can promise you I will be staying at an MGM property with my Gold. They may have gotten rid of the “riff raf”, but they’ll also get rid of good paying customers.

    • Not even close to true. This status match was mostly a thing that miles and points hobbyists knew about. For me, I gave Caesars my stays just based on this status. Not anymore! MGM has much nicer properties and treats me better anyway!

      But downgrading the people who they already upgraded is a very bad image in the travel industry. My guess is this move will cause guests to book other casinos. Then getting those guests back will take more money and time than what Caesars took away!


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