How I Get Better Rates When Selling on Craigslist – The Location Matters!

I share a tip on how I get better rates when selling on Craigslist. It is all about location, location, location! Meet up location that is.

I Think eBay & PayPal’s Policy On Foreign Transactions Is Terrible

On a few occasions I have been charged a foreign transaction fee from PayPal on an eBay sale even though I was never alerted by either company.

Year of Yummmm Reselling Results – Turned Out To Be Easy $$$

I took advantage of a deal last year from Red Robin that ended up being one of the easier wins I have had. I share my Year of Yummm reselling results.

My Results Reselling Hamilton Tickets – Back Up The Brinks Truck?

I wanted to give you my results reselling Hamilton tickets for their NYC show. Are they still a profit machine like in the past?

(UPDATED – Response Sent Out) Are There Issues with The Plastic Merchant? Reports Are...

We have been seeing a lot of reports in our Facebook Group of issues and there is some growing concern.

Why I Love Amazon’s Gold Box Gift Card Deals

If you are a gift card reseller or are looking to get into it I offer you some good tips on how to source Amazon gift card deals.

(Possibly Dead) Dirt Cheap Amazon Fire Tablets Are Back! Prime Members Only

If you missed out last time around then you lucked out! The sale is back and better than before.
Discounted Gift Cards on Ebay: Babies"R"Us, Best Buy,

Tons of Discounted Gift Cards on eBay, Some Big $$$$ Savers

A ton of gift cards on sale. Great for personal use and a few for resellers.