The Lackluster Hilton Honors Diamond Benefits at Conrad Las Vegas

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Conrad Las Vegas Diamond Benefits

Conrad Las Vegas Diamond Benefits

I hardly have elite status anymore, but that’s fine with me.  One of the few I have clanging around is very moldy Hilton Honors Diamond elite status from an Aspire card cancelled long ago.  But I certainly won’t turn down Hilton extending it!  My Diamond status came in handy during my recent stays at the Conrad Las Vegas.  However, understanding the limitations of these benefits at this property can be confusing, especially when the front desk doesn’t explain them.  So then, I’ll cover the exact Conrad Las Vegas Diamond elite benefits today, based on my additional interactions with the front desk and management.

Update 7/7/22: The food credit has become even more limited.

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Conrad Las Vegas Diamond Elite Benefits

Hilton Honors Diamond elites can expect some of the usual benefits during their Conrad stays.  Here’s a rundown of what these elites receive:

  • 100% bonus on base points
  • Digital Key (opt-in anytime)
  • Two complimentary bottles of water at check-in
  • Room upgrade based upon availability
  • Complimentary Premium in-room Wi-Fi Access
  • Late check out based upon availability

MyWay Benefits:

  • Daily Food and Beverage Credit:  Valued at $25 per person (up to two guests total) redeemable only at Dawg House now.
  • 1k Hilton Honors Points per stay

Conrad Las Vegas Elite

The Reality of These Benefits

Some of the initial benefits, like room or suite upgrades may outweigh the MyWay benefits, but they aren’t guaranteed.  Indeed, I wasn’t upgraded on my first Conrad stay, but I was on my second.  It’s very important to understand the limitations of the Diamond daily food and beverage credit at the Conrad Las Vegas, especially given the currently-tight hours on the properties.

During my stay, Sun’s Out Buns Out was only open for breakfast.  Also, The Kitchen closed at 3 pm daily.  One server at The Kitchen cited low demand and labor shortages as the reasons for early closure.  Based on what I viewed, this had more to do with the latter than the former.

Hilton has touted the flexibility of the new daily food and beverage credits over the previous elite breakfast benefits.  However, the Conrad Las Vegas offering here leaves little room for elite member error.  In my experience, plan to use the entire $50 credit at one meal, or punctually obtain to smaller meals.  This is just one writer’s opinion, but given all of the outstanding dining options in Vegas, I would recommend using the entire credit on one occasion.  Don’t waste a second meal at The Kitchen or Sun’s Out Buns Out when superior alternatives exist.

The Diamond benefits were largely the same during my Crockfords stay, particularly the daily food and beverage credit.  I haven’t stayed at the Hilton at Resorts World, so I can’t speak first-hand about the specific Diamond benefits there.  If you’ve stayed at the Hilton, please share your experience in the comments.

Conrad Las Vegas Diamond Benefits

Conrad Las Vegas Diamond Benefits: Conclusion

As Mark and I have each previously noted, the value of the new Hilton elite food and beverage credits can vary widely.  With the change, Hilton has further obfuscated what was previously only a semi-clear breakfast benefit.  The new benefit takes more time to understand and may entail a bit more effort to consume, but elites can come out ahead.  I know I did at The Foundry in Asheville, NC.  I recommend clarifying the specifics and limitations of Diamond benefits at check-in on each stay no matter what hotel one is visiting in the Hilton portfolio.  How was your Diamond experience at the Conrad Las Vegas?

Benjy Harmon
Benjy Harmon
Benjy focuses on the intersection of points, travel, and financial independence (FI). An experienced world traveler, husband, and father, he currently roams throughout the USA close to expense-free. Benjy enjoys helping others achieve their FI and travel goals.

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  1. Only good thing about the $25/pp $50 max per room breakfast credit is that they just give you a $50 credit per night all at once at the end, so if you wanted to go booze and eat all night at Dawg House and pay for wildly overpriced cocktails, you could do it in one day and they’ll just issue the full room credit you’re owed when checking out. Of course it might take some wrangling with the front desk as they don’t seem to have it together yet (kept trying to charge me resort fees on a points stay).

  2. I had a fire in my house and stayed at a Hilton for 9 months and I earned over 1000000 points. When I look at all the resort properties worldwide they are very underwhelming compared to Marriott family. I only can find about 4 properties I’m willing to spend my points at. Hilton kind of sucks and I regret staying with them.

  3. Diamond for over 10 years here, I am moving my loyalty somewhere else, Hilton is getting worse everyday, not only taking away benefits but the average award went up to the roof.

  4. Love to Crockfords….used free night certs and points for 6 night bacchanal, upgraded to suite (tipped $30), $50 daily food room service w/credit, $250 Aspire resort credit…………..MIC DROP!

  5. Thanks to a very kind desk clerk who understood our frustration with the confusing food credit rules for Diamonds, all our credits were combined so as to be used any time of the day at the vast majority of food venues. That came to $250 for five nights with Diamond status PLUS we were allowed to stack the $66 per day credit for using FHR. When you add the additional FHR food credit of $125, that’s over $700 for the stay. Although we lost a couple of hundred bucks in the casino, we felt like the biggest winners in Vegas.

  6. Hello…what happened to the 100.00 credit for staying at Conrad. That’s one of the benefits of the aspire card. Thank you

    • Hi Edwin, you can still get that, but it requires a 2-night stay and you need to book through Hilton at either on by phone.

      You’re generally better off using Amex FHR (rates are just as good if not better, credit is $125, and you only need to book 1 night).

  7. Benjy, thanks for the article. Do you know if the room upgrade benefit is based on the front desk person doing a manual action to check (meaning you should always remind them), or is it automatically provided by the system?

    • It’s automatic! Hilton does this for all their properties know, including Conrad LV. You’ll get an email 2-3 days before check-in saying you’ve gotten a free upgrade. It’ll also be updated in the app! No more hotel workers giving them out as they see fit….unless it’s a last minute booking. Then the auto upgrade doesn’t happen…sadly.

  8. Dont mean to be salty. But prob half the time at nicer Hilton properties. Conrad and WA. They just charge the entire 50$ beverage credit to my credit card. Then you need to call so they can “fix” their mistake.

    • Dustin,
      Argh, no fun there. I can’t stand this happening, and I force myself to check out in person to prevent it. Hang in there!

  9. I think they gave us $33 per day per person for breakfast at the Conrad & Crockford, not $25. That was both December 2021 and March 2022 stays.

    Also, we booked using Amex FHR, which provided another $25 per day per person, and they let us stack those benefits, so we had a total of $116/day food credits at The Kitchen & Suns Out Buns Out. Easy to burn through those because of high costs and having a family of 5. If you’re eating free, I highly recommend the $18 short rib breakfast sandwich at Suns Out… it’s delicious.

    • Andy,
      Those credits appear backwards, at least according to my recent experience. Last week, I was offered the diamond credit of $25 per person per day, plus $33 per person FHR breakfast benefit. My Crockfords stay (not FHR) was the same $25 per person daily Diamond credit benefit.

      Thanks for the Sun’s Out recommendation!


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