Issues With Amex Dining & Cell Phone Credits Posting? You Are Not Alone

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Issues With Amex Dining & Cell Phone Credits Posting? You Are Not Alone!

I had a reader, David, reach out to me last week asking if I had heard of people having issues with their Amex dining credits posting.  I said I had not and double checked my own credits.  Mine credited the day after use like normal.  I told him if I heard anything I would let people know though.  Today a MtM Diamond member posted about it the Facebook Group and many people responded that they had similar issues on the dining and cell phone credits.

There doesn’t appear to be rhyme or reason either.  Some people had charges on the same day where one credited and the other didn’t.  There are some that had issues early in the month and others are later in the month etc. So it appears to be luck, or bad luck, of the draw.

Ryan S. from the site was one caught up in it and reached out to Amex via chat. They told him they were having issues and to check back next week.  That could just be a boilerplate response for anything they have no idea about. But regardless, at least you know you are not alone if you are having issues.

Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. Chat was an enormous investment in time waiting for back and forth responses; ultimately, I believe just rebuying something triggers the credit, more efficient than nearly an hour invested in chat over $15, $10, and $5. Sept is totally wacked out.

    • I only had the issue with the dining credit on mine and my wifes amex – i it took no more than 3 mins to have them post them manually. I think they have fielded so many complaints that they prob have a canned response by now so they dont even have to type it on their end.

  2. I inquired again today. They are now saying the issue is for transactions between Sept 1 and Sept 10th. They are manually crediting you if you inquire about it on their chat button.

    • I tried to chat with AMEX today via the app and I was told it can take up to 90 days for the credits to post and I should continue to wait.

      • That’s weird. I basically said the same thing on 3 diff cards between my wife and I that hadn’t posted. Typed “i read in a blog that amex was having an issue on amex offer charges between Sept 1-10 and I have not received my $10 dining credit for the charge on Sept 4th and was wondering if you can update me when credit will actually post” and they came back with 20 secs and said they just manually credited the account and it would post in 3-5 days. I would try it again today to see if you have better luck

        • Same manual $10 credit. Posted in 3 days. To even the score and test the system I then made a $15 restaurant purchase and $10 credit posted a day later.

  3. Not sure how this happened but on my Brilliant my $20 credit came off an amazon purchase. that was weird. Bonvoy Biz cell credit worked fine. About to try my surpass dining credit this week. so far so good.

  4. Old news. They fixed the issue last week and credits are now posting faster than ever; usually in about 48 hours now. Check your accounts.

    • Maybe old new for you but not all. None of my 5 cards have posted yet charges were made 1st week of Sep and I’m still waiting.

      • Same issue on many cards. Just chatted with them and they say they’re aware of it and it should post within 15-20 business days or at the latest by the end of the offer terms (which is what, 90 days?). I’m a bit pissed because I triggered all the offers on September 1, 19 business days ago.

        I’m thinking they don’t want to manually post before October, perhaps because people have been triggering the offer again after receiving a manual credit.

    • Maybe for some, but not for me. Delta Plat wireless still missing; Marriott Bonvoy restaurant missing; and Hilton restaurant missing but unclear, they might have posted it against a Walmart marketplace purchase, strange but can’t deduce where else the credit came from. They post it against the name of the merchant you earned it under, so likely for some coding reason, a marketplace order trigged it. But still, wireless and restaurant used to post in 1-5 days, waiting nearly 3 weeks and counting.

  5. I also had this problem. I called them and they said it may take about a month for the credits to appear.
    However, after speaking with them, the credits appeared the next day.

  6. I had the offer disappear while the charge was pending. Then the offer re-appeared and the charge posted and i got the credit. I also noticed i got $10 for the cable amex offer when the offer is for $5 per month.

  7. Today I have seen the $20 Aspire dining offer disappear from and reappear to my saved offers a few times. I did two transaction totaling over $20 (9/4 was the 2nd), but have not seen credit or email. I’ve never tried for the credit with two transaction less than $20 before, so I wasn’t sure of the timing of that.

    Now that the offer is once again appearing in my saved offers I was thinking of doing one dining transaction over $20 tomorrow and see what happens.

  8. the last 2 months, am having an issue with dining credits posting.
    All of a sudden, 4 months ago the credit also stopped posting on my Amex Platinum. I have several Amex cards and am starting to notice this issue on several of the accounts.

  9. I inquired earlier today because it has been over 2 weeks (normally get an email within 5 mins after charging it at the restaurant) – said same thing to me – it’s on their end and will be fixed and I will be credited

  10. Funny, I noticed this on my cards as well this month about 1 hr priorto this post. I have 5 x cards with dining credits I made charges between 2-7 Sep between all 5 cards no credits have posted as of yet.


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