Monday Morning Miles Talk – How I Did With Those Kohl’s Appliances

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Selling Kohl's Personal Appliances

Monday Morning Miles Talk is a regular series that has some smaller, more quirky ideas to kick off the work week.  These are essentially random ideas that I wanted to share with you.  Here are the previous entries.

Selling Kohl’s Personal Appliances

Kohl’s had a sale at the end of September offering you up to 40 personal appliances for basically nothing. I didn’t go for the full 40 like I did last time around because of time and storage constraints.  Even though I said in my Kindle selling article that I despise person to person selling it was the only way to go with these items. I listed all of them on Facebook Marketplace (old Facebook Local).

The Results

Before I get the hate comments 🙂 I admit this is a small deal and not for everyone.  I usually do the deal anyways because I find it kind of fun and people seem to truly appreciated being able to buy these from me at an inexpensive price.  Plus I needed some new winter clothes for the kids so free Kohl’s Cash is always welcomed!

I ended up doing two separate purchases since I sold the first lot pretty quickly, and a discount code materialized shortly after my first order. The appliances were on sale for $16.99 a piece and came with a $12 rebate for each one. I will break down the two orders separately.

Order 1

The first order was placed the very first morning of the offer.  I ordered a total of 6 appliances.  I ordered 6 because I was trying to get as close to $100 as possible, while still going over.  This would ensure I maximize my return on Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You rewards.

I purchased a discounted $100 Kohl’s gift card from CardCash at a savings of $7.47. The purchase also earned 5x UR with my Ink Plus card because I paid with PayPal.  The Chase Freedom portal had the highest payout at 8 UR points per dollar for Kohl’s.  I ended up keeping two of the 6 items purchased for personal use and sold the others at $5 a piece (2 to the same person).  The breakdown is as follows:

Selling Kohl's Personal Appliances

Since I decided to keep two of the appliances my cost was $8.59.  For the purchase I got $20 in Kohl’s Cash, $5 in Yes2You rewards, 462 UR points for the CardCash purchase with my Ink Plus, and 408 UR points from the Freedom portal.  There was also an offer for $5 in Kohl’s cash for picking up some of the items in store. I attempted to get this as well but there was an issue with my order which ended up negating it.

Order 2

For the second order there was a 15% off coupon code for Kohl’s.  I was trying to get as close to $50 for this order since I had 50 Yes2You rewards left over from previous purchases and only needed to spend $50 more for the next reward.  Hitting the $50 in purchases would also ensure I got $10 in Kohl’s cash.

The second order was placed on 10/1 which meant Kohl’s earned 5x UR with the Chase Freedom card.  I could have gotten a larger discount going the discounted gift card route again but laziness got the best of me.  I used the Ebates portal even though it was only paying out 3%. Ebates had the 15% off code in their terms so I thought it was safer than going through the Freedom portal again, even at the lower rate.  The figures for the second order are as follows:

Selling Kohl's Personal Appliances

I was able to sell all 4 at $5 each (3 going to one person).  Since I didn’t keep any this time around I was able to make a $8.51 profit.  I also received $5 in Yes2You rewards, $10 in Kohl’s Cash, $5 in Kohl’s Cash for in store pick up, and 306 UR points from the Freedom purchase.

The Totals

I purchased a total of 10 Appliances with a sticker price of $169.99.  After the discounts, rebates, and sales I got to keep two of the appliances for a total cost of 8 cents (or 4 cents per appliance).  On top of two essentially free appliances I earned $35 in Kohl’s cash, $10 in Yes2You rewards, and 1176 UR points.

I was able to bulk sell half of the appliances which limited the amount of meetups that were needed.  The meetups were scheduled at a store a 1/2 mile from my house.  I would say in total I put 2-3 hours into this.  When you take the appliances, store credit, and points into account it works out to around $20-25 per hour.  Not a great return but I would probably do it again.

If I had purchased the full 40 appliances, and purchased all with the 15% off code, I would have had a better return.  I just didn’t have the time or space to do it again this time around.


This deal usually comes around 1-2 times per year.  If it is something that interests you then you should get another chance at it.  It is a great deal to get involved in if you are just starting out in reselling.  There is very little risk since you come out ahead without even selling anything.  Even if the appliance deal doesn’t interest you I hope that the article gave you an idea you can accomplish when shopping at Kohl’s.

This is a small win which probably doesn’t offer a big enough return for most. I do enjoy helping people find inexpensive appliances.  The new appliances might help make their holiday cooking a little easier this year!


Did you take advantage of the appliance sale?  Were you able to get a better return?



Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. I love it when i can buy something online with a discounted gift card(5-15% off normally), a coupon code, cash back rebate and my cash back credit card! If you have a Kohls card sometimes you can get a 30% off coupon code.

    I also use Retailmenot and Honey extension that find the coupon codes so i don’t have to search . I have saved more money using one and then the other. They both find different codes from each other many times
    I like to use Cashbackholic to find out the highest cash back rebate but Befrugal cash back is my go to most of the time .

  2. Thanks for the follow-up. It may not be a large return, but I find this less intimidating and kind of fun. I will have to try this next time it comes up at Kohl’s!

    • Good point Amy – very low risk since you are coming out ahead without selling anything. It is a good option to dip your toe into reselling.

  3. How are you double dipping with discounted gift card and UR portal? Are you saying you are getting UR from the portal when paying with gift card?

    • Other forms of payments work when using the Freedom portal. Just make sure nothing is in your basket when you click through. Also there is a risk – if the tracking doesn’t go through then Chase will not reimburse you for it since you didn’t use a Chase card. I have done it often and have never had an issue but there is a risk and ymmv.

    • I think it is Monday Morning Quarterback not QB that is trademark but I went ahead and adjusted it just to be safe. Thanks for the input!

  4. Mark, what did you send in as a receipt for the rebate submission? I ordered online and picked up in store like you and I got a square sticker (still with its backing) that lists the items but not sure that counts as a receipt. Did you get the same? Trying to find out before I submit and get rejected….

    • Yeah I submitted the packing slips (the square sticker things) it is the same thing you get when they are shipped. Make a copy of them and the UPC’s before sending them out just in case you need them.

  5. I’ve been dubbed “The Toastmaster” among friends due to these appliance sales. I purchased the limit of 40 and have so far sold 15 at $7.00 each. Ordered before the promo code came around so bummer there. I also live in a high sales tax state (8.77%) so that always hurts my return.

    • Haha The Toastmaster – love it. Yeah 8.77% hurts. It would be awesome to be in a sales tax free state on these. $7 is pretty solid on these…I don’t think the appliances this time are quite as good as in the past. The toaster ovens and slow cookers from a couple of sales ago brought in a better return!

      • My buddies up in New Hampshire don’t know how good they have it in a sales tax and income tax free state. We have that same 8.77% on everything including groceries.

        Toaster ovens and full size slow cookers move FAST. So far the best movers have been hand mixers, toasters and blenders.


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