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Sheraton’s Tempting Timeshare Offer…Without The Timeshare Presentation

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Sheraton Vistana Villages Orlando Vacation Package Offer Breakdown

As our loyal readers know I love a good timeshare presentation vacation package.  You can get a massive amount of value from a very small out of pocket price.  I am still waiting to see this awesome Hawaii offer to come back around! The downside to these underrated packages is, of course, the actual timeshare presentation.  It is 90-120 minutes of soul sucking dirtiness that you have to get through to enjoy the rest of your trip.  Some people skip these packages all together because they just can’t handle it. But, what if there was no timeshare presentation requirement?  This has happened to me once before and I just received a new offer for a Sheraton Vistana Villages Orlando vacation package.  Let’s take a look at the offer and break down the value.

Update 9/26/22: A new offer was emailed to me over the weekend and it ends today 9/26/22.

Sheraton Vistana Villages Vacation Package Details

I received the targeted offer via email. The subject line was, Your Sheraton exclusive offer expires soon.

Here are the details of the offer:
  • 5 Days + 4 Nights at Sheraton Vistana Villages in Orlando, Florida
  • Plus your choice of 15,000 Marriott Bonvoy™ Points OR a $100 Gift Card to Planet Hollywood® restaurant at Disney Springs®
  • All for $249 with 12 months to travel
    • Can pay $199 now and the remainder balance when you choose dates.
  • Must reserve by September 26, 2022

Breaking Down The Offer

If I was going to book this it would probably be for the fall of 2022.  We could try to time up a trip for the kids birthdays. Fall is a great time to beat the Orlando heat too.

I plugged in some random dates in June and the price for 4 nights was $500, not including taxes and fees.  I left them off since there will be some taxes and fees on the package price as well.

The 15,000 Marriott Bonvoy points are worth around $100 to me.  I would probably take that over a restrictive Planet Hollywood gift card, even though I can’t stand Marriott.  If it was a generic Disney Springs or Disney gift card I would probably go that route.  But with it being restricted to one restaurant I put the value of the gift card at like $75.  The points come out ahead obviously.

So that is around $600 in value (which could go up if travel picks up and room costs go up etc.) for $249.  Paying only 42% of what something is worth is a good value for sure.

Final Thoughts

I passed on this offer last time around because I wasn’t sure I would make a trip during the restrictive 12 month time frame. This time around I think I may jump on it though. It isn’t too far from where my parents live so it could be a way to get together on the cheap. The fact that there is no presentation requirement makes this offer all that much sweeter. Even though it isn’t a timeshare presentation I could still use the same timeshare presentation tricks, never accept the first offer.

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Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. We took advantage of this offer and went during spring break. We were not required to do a timeshare presentation, but did so for a $250 Visa in place of the $75 Planet Hollywood+ a room upgrade. Honestly the room upgrade was huge for us, and the $250 took care of our cost for the package. It was a great deal!

  2. Fyi, I was just able to book this offer today 22 NOV although it is expired back in Sep. I will be attending the Global Pet Expo (largest pet expo in USA) in Orlando held 22-24 March and figured this offer would work out perfect. When I called, I gave the Preferred Invitation code “1242071007” The rep asked me for the expire data I said I am not sure I don’t see it written… he then said its expired in his system, ok no problem but after some more talk he asked me if I had dates in mind, which I gave him. Then he said he will ask for a supervisor override, which was approved, and I was able to book the same offer with the 15K points as mentioned above, without timeshare requirement.

  3. This may sound weird but I actually enjoy going to timeshare presentation. I actually have a hard time trying to find new one to do. I love debating, I love confrontation. I tell them upfront I been to 50+ of these in my lifetime and there is no chance for me to sign and I set up a count down timer when I sit down. I actually hope they are the scum type and start to insult me then I show my rage side and presentation ends very early many times before the required time. They thrive on emotional weak trying to make people feel bad and use pressure them to buy with lies on top of lies but once they understand your emotionally strong they only get angry and want to get rid of you fast. When they get angry and start the insults I come back 10x stronger. Most of these sales people are no better then scammers that try to get elderly to buy gift cards. I go in with that mindset and think of it as destroying a scammer.

  4. Sorry for posting this on a random Timeshare blog I could not find any link for direct questions. I am a timeshare crusher and can navigate them well to jump on best offers but today while on Vacation in FL at Sawgrass Mills Outlet Mall, I ran in to a desk which was unmanned at the time called “VacationStocks” advertising themselves as “not a timeshare”. Has anyone ever heard and had experience with this company? I grabbed one of the flyers which brings you to this website:
    It seams super scammy to include the video. They say no presentation and they are selling 4 night hotel packages all over the world for $149 at some hotels that normally sell for $3-500 a night. Seams to good to be true so my gut says there has to be a catch, but wondering if anyone had any experience with this company?

  5. Any updates on others who used this offer? I just received it today and read over the details multiple times – no mention of any presentation requirement like I usually see. I would definitely sign up if there is no presentation. I still happily pass if that’s not the case for fear my wife will divirce me 🙂

  6. I don’t know if I would trust that there is no presentation for this offer. We own flex points through Sheraton Vistana Village and have taken advantage of several of these offers in the past. If I recall, sometimes the fine print states you must attend the 90 minute presentation which we all know takes all day and they do not reveal this info until after you have paid for the package. Not sure this will happen to you with this offer. But I can honestly say this location of Marriott has never allowed us to get anything like this in the past. I would be very careful. Good luck. Keep us all posted if you decide to take advantage. Or at least ask that question before paying!

  7. Does anyone know if you will receive the Planet Hollywood gift card while you are there? If it comes later, I’d probably go with the points since I don’t know if I will come back.

  8. Do you trust them to not force you into a timeshare presentation when you arrive? Timeshare companies voluntarily not forcing timeshare presentations for anyone seems a bit too good to be true. If I’m wrong, please pardon my skepticism.

  9. I did a Marriott Vacation Club virtual presentation from my house and received 50,000 Bonvoy points.

      • I just went to their website,
        I clicked Request Info and entered my contact info and I received a phone call offering me the 50k offer the next day and was able to schedule to do it using Microsoft Teams. It took a couple months to get the points.

        • Awesome – thanks for the info. Did you have to keep following up for the points or they posted on their own and it just took a while?

          • It took some work, They said it could take 4 to 6 weeks to get the points and this was was 6 weeks from the time I did the presentation. I called Marriott Vacations Club and they told me I need to call Marriott Bonvoy. And guess what when I called Bonvoy they said I should call Marriott Vacation Club. At that point I decided to send an email to some of the higher ups in the company at Marriott Vacation Club, within a few hours I got a call from their executive team who said they are adding the points into my account and I saw them the next morning. Now it is entirely possible if I waited a little longer they would have shown up on their own and it still might. It wasn’t easy but all I had to do was a presentation at home and send email so it’s still a win in my opinion.

          • Thanks for the info. I had to hound Hilton a bit when I did an in person presentation too so I think these companies just struggle with that aspect. Or hope people give up 🙂

          • I did the same TS presentation as Anthony, also from home via Teams, and I got the points without having to do any follow up. I wasn’t really checking for them though until a couple months after the presentation but I looked a week or so ago and there they were!

    • 50k for online is good deal. Good to know if i have to do online next time ill push for more. I wanted to do the in-person but they kept pushing me to do the online for 20k points. I felt it was to low offer and passed on it since Marriott you can only do every 12 months, I like to maximize each time I do them. I set my calendar to remind me to revisit them every 12 months.

  10. I purchased January 2020 for November 2020 dates and am planning on going (already had COVID!). My mom lives in Florida so she is going to come and stay with me and my two children in the 1 BR villa.
    At first I was skeptical and thought it was a scam. There are no taxes or fees on the package (I asked prior to booking), so $269 is what I paid in total and picked the 15,000 points. I have two Chase BV cards, one of which I just picked up for the bonus last October. Maybe that’s what triggered the offer? My other card I’ve had since 2011 and this is the first offer I’ve had like this. I asked the CSR how these are triggered and she didn’t know (no surprise there), said some people get several and others never get any.

    • Updating my prior post: I did end up going on the trip and using the offer. I did not have to watch any timeshare presentation or anything like it. The only interaction I had with the staff was on check-in. They take you to a fancy room and you get to sit down to check-in. I vaguely remember a quick discussion about it being a timeshare property and I was offered a random photo album (the kind you make yourself online and then have printed) when I checked out.
      My thoughts on the resort: I was disappointed that so many amenities were closed “due to Covid”. Despite there being many guests, The restaurant on-site had just opened up for limited takeout only. The kids pool with the pirate ship was closed. The open pool was cold! One of the playgrounds was closed. I also felt like the rooms were spacious (upgraded to the 2 bedroom, but felt dated compared to Wyndham Bonnet Creek. The lobby was the nicest part of the resort. That said, it still served it’s purpose (we went to Disney) and was economical.

  11. Mark,

    I purchased a package from this property on 4/19/19 that I haven’t used yet. They’ve extended for me multiple times now and the expiration date is now pushed out to 6/2021. Each time I’ve asked they said there was a fee to extend but have waived it.

    • I have no idea honestly. I keep getting timeshare phone calls every day after doing a Hilton one too. I got a very similar offer a few years ago because of Amex (same resort) so maybe they are just recycling that pool of people.

  12. I called and booked the package with a 2 bedroom villa for $538. They also extended the expiration date by 3 months.

  13. I may give them a call too and see what is up. We are just back from the Hilton 100K point timeshare thingy. We got it over on the morning of the 2nd day. Hard sell, but no go on our part. We were given a pretty crappy room too.

  14. Hey Mark – that’s kind of an intriguing offer… Any chance you could post the phone number on the offer? I didn’t receive an offer, but I may take advantage of it if they would offer me something similar over the phone.

  15. This is a pretty decent offer especially with no presentation. Agree that the one year time frame limits this opportunity but those who live within driving distance of Orlando, could take advantage without much risk.


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