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My Amtrak Strategy & Plans on this Last Day to Transfer...

Looking at the main reasons to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Amtrak and deciding how many to send over before tonight's deadline.

Chase is Converting Amtrak Cardholders & We Still Don’t Know About...

Amtrak Rewards Redemption California Zephyr
Chase is converting current Amtrak cards to another product and we still don't know about the future of transfers from Ultimate Rewards to Amtrak.

One of My Best Value Ultimate Rewards Redemptions Ever!

Amtrak Rewards Redemption California Zephyr
The tremendous value of booking Amtrak special routes with Chase Ultimate Rewards points and my recent experience on the Wolverine route from Michigan to Chicago.

Short Haul Routes – Amtrak or Airplane?

Amtrak or Airplane
Amtrak or Airplane? That is the age old question. Look at the pros and cons of each option along with some suggestions based on my recent experiences.

Amtrak Coast Starlight & Empire Builder Train Review – Travel Differently!

A full review of our experiences in a roomette on the Coast Starlight & Empire Builder Amtrak routes. Find out what to expect & what we liked & didn't like.

An Unforgetabble Journey – Taking The Coast Starlight To Seattle

Love Of Trains Perhaps it was our monthly trips to Disneyland as a child that caused me to develop an appreciation for trains.  Growing up...

A Complete Guide To Booking Train Travel With Amtrak Guest Rewards

A complete guide to earning & redemptions with Amtrak Guest Rewards. Find out the best routes & sweet spots along with how to maximize your points earning.