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(Updated) Credit Card Application Rules By Bank – A Complete Guide

Each bank has its own credit card application rules. In this guide, we'll look at the rules and how to comply with them to increase approval odds.

Confirmed: American Express Does Have A New 4 Card Limit

American Express Platinum Varieties Guide
I have confirmed that American Express does have a new 4 card limit. I share the details with you and what you should expect going forward.

Is There A New 4 Credit Card Limit From American Express?

Rumors are swirling that there is a new 4 credit card limit from American Express. This is on the heels of increased denials.

We Quit Caring About Chase’s 5/24 Rule Three Years Ago –...

Much focus has been placed on Chase's 5/24 rule and how to receive Chase welcome bonuses. Here's why giving up on this rule worked out best for us.

Why I HOPE Citi Adds the New 48 Month Rule to...

Citi Not Honoring Bonus
Wait a second, I hope Citi adds the new 48 month rule to ThankYou cards? Why would I hope for more punitive terms? Because I think they are better for us!

Is Chase Tightening Up Business Card Approvals?

Chase 5/24 Rule Guide
Is Chase Tightening Business Card Approvals? Business Reconsideration Call Results

Is American Express Clawing Back Upgrade Bonuses Too?

American Express has been known to claw back welcome bonuses but is American Express clawing back upgrade bonuses too? One report says yes they are.