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I’m Under Chase 5/24, Now What?! Here Is My Plan Of...

Do you find yourself under Chase 5/24 like me? Are you asking yourself, okay now what? I share with you how I got here and what my plan is going forward.

Recent Credit Card Application Results To End 2019

An impressive haul to wrap up 2019 with this lastest credit card application results. The 5 approvals netted over $5,000 in value.

My Problems When Applying for the Avianca Vida Credit Card

I had problems applying for the Avianca Vida credit card recently and want to share them with others. If you have opposing data points, let me know!

Finally! I Slayed The Amex Pop Up – How I Think...

Is there a way to avoid the Amex pop up? I think there is and I wanted to share my recent experience doing just that with you.

My Latest Mini App-O-Rama – My Wife & I Went 3...

My wife and I just finished up a mini app-o-rama where we went 3 for 4 on our applications. The 3 approvals netted us over $2500 in value!

How I Wound Up on the Bank of America Blacklist

How did I wind up on the Bank of America blacklist? What does that mean for my points & miles game, and will it last forever?

My Latest Bank of America Application Results & Some Good Data...

Was I finally able to crack the BOA egg? I share my recent Bank of America application results and a couple of interesting data points as well.

Clean Slate Series: Credit Card Application Guide for Beginners

Focusing on the first year of applications without any business cards.