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What Are The Cards In My Wallet Right Now & Why...

What are the cards in my wallet? Why these cards and not others? Here's my approach to the cards in my wallet and how I use them to maximize points earning.

Discover Q1 2016 Bonus Categories Announced: Where Can You Earn up...

Discover's Q1 2016 bonus categories have been released. Find out where you can earn up to 10% cashback from January to March, 2016.

Discover’s 4Q Bonus Categories Announced & It’s Not Good – Goodbye...

Discover has announced the 5% bonus categories for the 4th quarter 2015 and unfortunately they have eliminated the very popular online shopping bonus.

New Month, New Quarter – New Deals to Maximize

It is now the 3rd quarter which means new bonus categories on the Discover It, Chase Freedom and Citi Dividend cards. Find out how to max out your spending in the bonus categories through gift card purchases and other means.

Why I Am Excited To Be a Chase Freedom Cardholder Right...

The Chase Freedom card is one of my favorites and I am particularly happy to have it right now. Find out why & how to get multiples of the card.

Chase Freedom 2015 Bonus Categories Announced! Find Out Why Q1 Is...

Find out the Chase Freedom 2015 Bonus Categories & why the quarter 1 bonus is extremely exciting!

Freedom, Discover & Dividend 4th Quarter Bonus Categories – Details &...

Today is the first day to register for the 4th Quarter Bonus 5% cash back categories on various cards from Citi, Discover & Chase. Find out the details.