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Discover 2019 Calendar: Bonus Categories Announced For All 4 Quarters

Today the new Discover 2019 calendar was released for the bonus categories. These are the categories where you can earn 5% cash back each quarter.

Shopping Guide: 7 Easy Ways to Save Money and Maximize Rewards...

Guide: 7 Easy Ways to Save on In-Store Shopping It's easy to save money when you shop online because you have a world of information...

New Best-In-Class Cashback Card Now Available Nationwide!

A new 3% first year cashback card has now launched nationwide! Find out how to get it!

New Best In Class 3% Cashback Card Available Nationwide Soon!

A new 3% best in class cashback card has been released and will be available nationwide beginning in April.

Citi Expands Its Cash Back Offers Significantly: Have You Checked Lately?

Citi recently launched a cashback offers program for their cards. Now it seems they have added a lot more offers and have rolled the program out to more accounts.

A Huge But Simple Update That Will Help You Earn Greater...

Cashback Monitor has made a huge but simple enhancement to their site. I know it will help a lot of people earn better payouts in less time.

Citi Launches Amex Offers Competitor: How to Access & Full Analysis

Citi Not Honoring Bonus
Citi has rolled out a new Amex Offers competitor called Smart Savings. Find out how to access your cashback offers and whether the offers are any good or not!

A New Portal with Great Payouts Including 2% at eBay: My...

A full review and test of the new cashback portal called Splender. Currently they have among the highest payout rates at several merchants and a bonus for signing-up. Are they reliable and do purchases track?