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Protect Yourself With 3 Free Credit Reports Each Week For The...

The three national credit reporting agencies have announced they are offering 3 free credit reports weekly to all Americans for the next year to help them protect their financial health

How Your Credit Score Is Calculated & How Opening Credit Cards...

How Your Credit Score Is Calculated
Learn the different factors that go into how your credit score is calculated and how applying for rewards credit cards affects each of these factors and your overall score.

How Instant Credit Alerts Saved Me Money & Potentially My Credit...

Instant credit alerts can be a powerful tool. Recently when someone ran my credit without permission, I saw it immediately and used that fact to my advantage.

Comparing Free FICO Score Offerings From Each of the Major Banks...

How your FICO score is calculated and how to access your free FICO score from each of the major banks who offer it to customers.

A Potentially Disastrous Reminder of Why You Need to Check Annual...

Why you should be extremely diligent in following up on annual fee credits and a real world example of a potentially disastrous situation that lead to an account being 3 months late!