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(Interest Update) SoFi Money: A True Charles Schwab Debit Card Competitor,...

In my SoFi Money review I give you the details of this awesome account and the easy bonus offer. I also compare it to its main competition.

Confirmed! SoFi Money Beats The Competition – Including Charles Schwab

After putting it to the test I can confidently say that SoFi Money beats the competition including the traveler favorite Charles Schwab debit card.

Was This The Worst Promotion / Business Idea Of All Time?

I still am dumbfounded by the Sakura debit card business plan and launch promotion. I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth but I couldn't help it.

It Is Legit! My Sakura Debit Card Arrived Today – With...

I have a positive data point for the Sakura debit card. Mine arrived in the mail this morning and the $200 bonus was attached to my account!

How The Charles Schwab Check Card Saved The Day Once Again

The one card everyone should get, the Charles Schwab Check Card, saved the day once again while we were in Europe trying to purchase train tickets.

Two Reasons Dollar Car Rental & Dave Ramsey’s Partnership Is Bad...

There are two changes Dollar Car Rental recently made and I have an issue with one of them. Dollar Car now allows debit card payments.