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Flying During Covid-19: Was It As Eerie As Everyone Says? Here...

This week I flew for the first time in 3 months. It was nice to take to the sky again, even for a short trip. Here's my experience flying during COVID-19:

How to Properly Train Your Dog for Flying – Tips from...

Tired if leaving your pup at home on your travels? Here are some tips on how to properly train your dog for flying direct from a pro!

Am I Alone? Does Anyone Else Still Print a Boarding Pass...

Technology has made the paper boarding pass almost obsolete but I still find myself printing one almost every trip. Am I alone in doing this?

My First SSSS Experience – Getting Selected for an Enhanced Security...

When flying home from Mexico City, my boarding pass contained an SSSS meaning I was to undergo an enhanced security screening. This is what happened.

Don’t Pay For Seat Assignments – 5 Tips to Get That...

Airlines are releasing fewer seats for free assignment than ever before. Find out how to get a "premium" seat assignment without having to pay an upcharge.

Follow Up On My Flight To Asuncion, Paraguay & Aadvantage Platinum...

In October I flew for over 27 hours to/from Asuncion, Paraguay to earn Platinum status on American Airlines. Find out about why it was an adventure, my lessons learned on this journey and why I would do it again in a heartbeat!