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How Do You Celebrate Your Birthday While Traveling?

Shawn Reece's birthday desert. A donut!
Today we celebrated Shawn Reece's 14th birthday much in the same way that we celebrated his 7th. Find out how & tell us how you celebrate birthdays when traveling.

An Interview About Guatemala & A Look Back

I recently did an interview with another website about Guatemala. Find it here along with all of our past posts relating to that fantastic country!

Lessons Learned from Spending 9/11 On The Road

Five years ago on September 11, 2007 we were in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. This article shares what I learned spending that day on the road and what I have come to learn about September 11 through my travels.

Finishing Up In Guatemala!

As we arrived back in Antigua from Coban, a sense of relief set in. The past three months of travel in Central America had taken a lot out of us and we were finally going to get a bit of a break. The thought of seeing family was a joyful one as well. We had already laid out our final days in Antigua, which featured day trips outside the city, but always the comfort of coming back to the same hotel at night. This was also important because once again, I needed to watch the Red Sox play, this time in the World Series.

Completing A Long Circle!

When we left you last time, we had booked our direct shuttle from Copan in Honduras back to Antigua, Guatemala. The first priority in Antigua was to get some rest as we had been on the go for quite a while. The shuttle trip from Honduras to Guatemala proved to be extremely comfortable and fast. Upon arriving in Antigua, instead of searching around for a place to stay, we headed straight for the Hostal Dia Verde, where we stayed two months ago when we arrived in Guatemala.

A Holy Figure & More Ruins

Chiquimula turned out to be a comfortable place to spend a couple of days. Not only was there a supermarket close to our hotel, (which meant Diet Pepsi!) but the hotel room itself had an air conditioner and didn't cost a fortune. After resting for a day in Chiquimula we decided to visit the infamous Black Christ in the town of Esquipulas about an hour away. The church in Esquipulas is home to the largest Catholic pilgrimage in Central America. According to some research, all of the small towns in the region send at least one representative during the year to pay respect to this holy figure.

Cruisin’ Down The Sweet River!

The small town of Livingston sits isolated on Guatemala’s Caribbean coast and is only accessible by boat. The boat ride from Rio Dulce takes around an hour and half downstream and is considered one of the must do activities in Guatemala to partake in. The first boat of the day was at 1pm and we were at the dock ready to go by 12:30. While waiting for the boat, we witnessed women washing their clothes in the river and old men trying to convince us to patronize their hotels. What a treat!