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New Plastiq Promo, Just 1% Fee When You Use Mastercard [Targeted]

Check your emails for a great offer from Plastiq that will let you make three payments with a Mastercard with a fee of just 1%.

Using Plastiq Made Easy With This Handy Dandy Chart

This Guide to Credit Card Usage on Plastiq with let you know what works and what doesn’t.

New Plastiq Promotion Can Save You Some $$$ If You Have...

Mastercard World Elite Benefits Guide
Plastiq is back once again with a new promotion for Mastercard cardholders. This one is targeted, so you need to have received an email in order to qualify.

Free Money! Earn 4X on Plastiq Payments with Barclaycard Arrival Plus...

Yesterday we posted about a spending offer that was sent to Barclays business card holders. Now there's an even better offer sent out for one of their personal cards, the Arrival Plus.

Earn 3X on Plastiq Payments with Some Barclays Business Cards [Targeted]

Barclays is sending out offers to some its JetBlue, Hawaiian and American Airlines business customers with an opportunity to earn an extra 2X on Plastiq payments. This offer is only for new Plastiq customers.

Chase Ink Preferred No Longer Earning 3X on Plastiq

One card that makes sense to use through Plastiq is Chase Ink Preferred. It has been earning 3X on payments made through the platform but that seems to have stopped in the last few days.

Send Faster Plastiq Payments with Wire and ACH Direct Deposit

Plastiq has taken some steps to make the payment process faster and easier with the addition of wire and ACH transfers.

Plastiq Gives Out Fee-Free Dollars And Warns People About Visa Payments

Since the beginning of June, payments made through Plastiq with many Visa cards will be treated as cash advance.