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The REDcard (REDbird) Email That Came About 6 Weeks Too Late!

Target has just sent out an email to REDcard holders confirming a policy change that we all knew took place about six weeks ago! This is a final confirmation though that things are going to stay as-is for awhile!

Small Changes Coming to Bluebird, REDbird & Possibly Serve & An...

American Express Target REDcard
American Express announced some small changes to the terms of their REDbird and Bluebird products. Something interesting in the REDbird email also piqued my interest.

The Manufactured Spend Roller Coaster Ride: Advice You Need to Hear!

With the many positive and negative developments in the world of manufactured spend, perhaps it is time to shift your perspective, diversify your tactics and take a positive view of the exciting future.

Switching REDbird to Serve: The Full Process, Unique Serve Features &...

American Express Target REDcard
A detailed walkthrough of switching from REDbird to Serve along with some details of Serve's unique benefits, should you use the same email or a new one and other useful information.

REDBird Postmortem – Alternate Liquidation Methods, Closing REDbird, Serve or Bluebird,...

REDbird may have stopped allowing debit & gift card loads. Find out alternative liquidation methods, how to switch from REDbird to Serve or Bluebird, the loading process at Walmart and a lot of other useful information to help you forge a path forward.

Is REDbird DEAD?!? I Think So & Here Is Why

After about 24 hours of REDbird debit card loads not working, I truly believe this method of manufactured spending is mostly dead. Here is why.

Debit Loads to REDbird are Failing: Details of What Is Happening...

Loads to Target's Prepaid REDcard from debit cards are failing this morning. Find out what is happening and what this might mean.

Changes to REDbird Loading, Cardpool Postage Hack, Another Amex “Lounge” Opens...

A couple of new deals and a few posts that caught my eye including a change in the REDbird loading procedure, an interesting Cardpool postage hack and more.