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How My Mom Got “Spirit’ed” & How I Got Her Some...

I show you why you need to reach out to airline's social media channels for compensation after my mom's recent Spirit Airlines cancellation.

Why the Big Front Seat is the Most Underrated Domestic Travel...

There is a unicorn in Domestic travel that is often overlooked. You can fly in a first class seat for less than economy prices with the Big Front Seat!

I’m Flying Frontier, But I’m Not Worried About Delays/Cancellations: Here is...

Freebird Flight Delay Coverage It seems to be a growingly contentious debate these days. Some people swear they will never set foot on a U.S....

What Is Spirit Shortcut Security & Is It Worth The Extra...

If you have ever wondered what is Spirit shortcut security and is it worth the extra cost look no further because I have those answers for you.

Fares Starting at $20… Check Out Sales from Southwest, Frontier and...

If you're looking for cheap getaways, then today's the chance to grab tickets for as low as $20. Southwest, Spirit and Frontier all have fare sales going on.

Are Emotional Support Animals Getting Out of Hand? Spirit Thinks So...

Are Emotional Support Animals Getting Out of Hand?

Spirit Airlines Fare Sale, Save 75% Today Only

Use Promo Code “75PCT” To Save 75% On Your Next Flight when you book by 11:59PM on January 30, 2018.

Spirit Airlines 3-Day Sale, Save 75% on Base Fares

Spirit 75% Off Sale Low cost carrier Spirit Airlines has a three day fare sale with base prices discounted at 75%. Let’s take a look. The Offer Use...