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More Implosions, Less First Class, Free Money & 5x Galore

News & Interesting Tidbits From Around the Web Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone. While I am still heartbroken by the Green Bay Packers loss two...

How Uber Saved My San Francisco Trip & Last Chance To...

Uber Vegas
I was able to use my Uber Amex Offers this weekend in San Francisco to save some money. They are expiring soon & our Kindle giveaway ends at Midnight.

Up to $55 Free With Uber & My Recent Uber Vegas...

Uber's $30 sign up promotion is ending in two days, extra $25 off of your next ride & an update on Uber Vegas & a recent experience.

Lyft Review & Why We Didn’t Get A Pink Moustache

Our Lyft review including a recap of our recent experience with the ridesharing platform. Find out what to expect and how Lyft differs from Uber.

What You Can Do to Help Uber in Nevada

You can now help Uber in Nevada by signing their petition. Find out about the issue and what exactly the petition says.

DON’T Head to a Cadillac Dealership for a Test Drive &...

Vegas characters.
The AAdvantage Cadillac promotion has now ended after just nine days. Also, Uber launched their ridesharing service in Vegas only to be met with fierce resistance. A district court judge has now shut them down temporarily.

New Uber Amex Offer – $10 Off & Other Strategies

Uber Amex Offer
There is a new Uber Amex Offer giving $10 off of a $10 or more purchase on a synced Amex card. Find out the details, how to register multiple cards & more!

A Growing Empire – My Colombian Uber Experience

Uber Amex Offer
While I wasn't aware of it before today, Uber is in Colombia and 41 other countries around the globe. Find out all about my Colombian Uber experience.