Plastiq Fees Increasing July 1st – Should You Schedule Payments Now?

Plastiq fees increasing on July 1st. I discuss how much the fees are increasing, what that means for future payments and if you should make payments now.

(Dead & Payments Cancelled) 0% Fee On Plastiq Payments For Some – Check Your...

Some accounts are being targeted for an amazing 0% fee on Plastiq promo. We are not sure if this is an error or an actual promo so check ASAP.

Two New Plastiq Promos For February (Targeted)

There are two new Plastiq promos for February 2020. Be sure to check your emails so you can save money on your upcoming payments.

Plastiq Fee Free Dollars Offer For January – Save Money On Future Payments

There is a new Plastiq Fee Free Dollars Offer for January that will save you a little bit of money on future payments if you take advantage of it.

Make Money Paying Bills With The Plastiq 1% Fee Promo

Check your emails for an awesome Plastiq 1% fee promo that has been sent out. You can actually get paid to pay your bills if you play it right.

Another Devaluation – Plastiq Eliminating Gift Cards As A Payment Option

Bad news has come out from Plastiq that they are eliminating gift cards as a payment option. This will be a noticeable devaluation of the service.

Capital One Business Cards Working On Plastiq Again

Good news! Capital One business cards are working on Plastiq once again. This is an opportunity for small business owners to rack up tons of rewards.

(New People Targeted) Plastiq Has Multiple Promos Ongoing, Which Means Easy Points!

There are 4 different Plastiq promos currently ongoing that can save you a lot of money and rack you up a ton of points. See if any work for you!