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How to Make Airside Connections Between Terminals at LAX

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Source; LAX Airport

LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals

In 2014 the closed tunnels beneath part of LAX airport once again reopened, making it possible for LAX airside connections between terminals 4-8. LAX Airport also built a connector between Tom Bradley International Terminal and Terminal 4 in 2015 to further ease the pain of connecting on international flights. 

Unfortunately at this time Terminals 1-3 are not connected airside. Below you can find detailed photos and instructions for LAX airside connections between terminals including how you can connect between terminals for flights on American, Alaska, United, Hawaiian, JetBlue and more. 

Which Airlines Are Connected Airside at LAX?

Some of the most popular airlines in the country operate out of LAX Terminals 4-8. Below is a list of airlines and the terminal they operate out of. Additionally, numerous international airlines operate out of Tom Bradley International which is also connected airside with Terminals 4-8.

Airlines: American (4-5), Alaska (6), Allegiant (5) Boutique Air (6), Frontier (5), Hawaiian (5), Horizon (6), JetBlue (5), Spirit (5), Sun Country (5), United (7-8)

Connecting from LAX Terminal 4 to Terminal 6 Airside

It is quite common to have to connect between LAX terminals 4 and 5 on American Airlines and the tunnels also run to terminal 6 if you have connections on Alaska or need to use any of the facilities there. Below is a walkthrough of connecting airside at LAX from terminals 4 through 6. 

To connect from American Airlines in Terminal 4 to any other airline in Terminals 5 or 6, simply head to gate 44 and go down the first escalator.

LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals
Gate 44 at LAX’s Terminal 4.

At the bottom of the first escalator you will find the American Airlinesshuttle bus stop. Take the second escalator to the left.

LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals
The second escalator. This leads to a tunnel towards Terminals 5 & 6.

Once you have reached the bottom of this escalator do not go down the tunnel in front of you. This tunnel, which is pictured below goes to baggage claim. It does not go to the other Terminals.

LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals
Do not go down this tunnel.

Instead of going straight through the tunnel pictured above, when you reach the bottom of the escalator, make a u-turn to find the tunnel leading towards Terminals 5 & 6.

LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals
This is the escalator you will take down. The hallway to the left is the tunnel that leads to the other terminals. Make a u-turn when you get to the bottom of this escalator.

The tunnel that connects Terminals 4 & 5 is long and non-descript.

LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals
The tunnel connecting LAX Terminals 4 & 5.

Eventually you will reach an escalator. If you want to go up to Terminal 5, you can get to them from here. To continue to Terminal 6 (and beyond to United in Terminals 7 & 8 via walkway), head off to the left as shown below.

LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals
Go up the escalator for Terminal 5, continue to the left for Terminal 6.

After a short while you will reach a T-intersection. Follow the signs for Terminal 6 and take a right turn at the T.

LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals

The tunnel between terminals 5 & 6 is another long one without any moving walkways. Just follow the signs and you will eventually arrive at an escalator leading up to Terminal 6.

LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals
The tunnel between terminals 5 & 6.

Connecting from LAX Terminal 6 to Terminal 4

If you want to head in the opposite direction, then the process is simple. Head down the following escalator to the basement. It is located next to the Ruby’s Diner in Terminal 6 as shown.

LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals
The top of the escalator in Terminal 6.

Once at the bottom of the escalator, keep going straight and follow the signs towards Terminal 5.

LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals
Go straight towards Terminal 5.

You will eventually reach the tunnel which connects the two terminals.

LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals
The decorated tunnel between LAX terminal 5 & 6.

At the end of the tunnel, keep following the signs for Terminal 5. When you reach the escalator for Terminal 5, continue forward, following the sign for Terminal 4 as shown below.


LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals
Continue on to Terminal 4.

You will now be in the long connector tunnel between Terminals 4 & 5. Continue straight through this tunnel to reach Terminal 4.

LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals
The long white tunnel connecting LAX Terminals 4 & 5.

At the end of the white tunnel you will find an escalator. Head up to get to Terminal 4. The first escalator leads to a small connecting platform. Continue on to the second escalator to reach Terminal 4.

LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals
Up to Terminal 4.

You are now at Gate 44 in Terminal 4.

Terminal 4 to 6 connector at LAX
Gate 44 & LAX Terminal 4.

Connecting from Terminal 6 to Terminals 7 & 8

If you are flying United or United Express, you may need to connect between Terminal 6 and Terminals 7 & 8 at LAX. Fortunately that connection is very simple to do. Unlike the tunnel connectors between Terminals 4,5 & 6, the connector between terminals 6, 7 & 8 at LAX is not underground. Just follow the signs and you can make the connection all the way from Terminal 8 to Terminal 6 without worry and then from Terminal 6 to Terminal 4 and eventually to TBIT (see below) without ever exiting security!

Connecting from Terminal 4 to the Tom Bradley International Terminal

In 2016 the tunnel connecting American’s Terminal 4 to the Tom Bradley International Terminal officially opened. The tunnel is located just past security in terminal 4. If you are coming from another terminal, follow the instructions above for getting to Terminal 4 and then make your way towards security and turn left just before exiting.

LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals
Turn left just before exiting security at LAX Terminal 4.

Make your way to the escalators and then go up to reach the connection bridge/tunnel.

LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals
Follow the signs and take the escalator to the connection bridge.

There are a few long corridors to walk through without any moving walkways. The views to the left of the taxiway are great for plane spotting!

LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals
LAX Terminal 4 to TBIT connection hallway.

It is quite a long walk, but eventually you will reach moving walkways to help you out a bit. The moving walkways mean you are about halfway there.

LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals
LAX Terminal 4 to Tom Bradley International Terminal moving walkways.

Finally you will you see the Tom Bradley International Terminal check-in area to your right. Just up ahead you will emerge airside at the newly remodeled terminal. You do not need to go back through security.

Connecting from Terminal 4 to Tom Bradley International at LAX
Tom Bradley International Terminal check-in. You will emerge airside on the other side of the security checkpoint.

LAX Airside Connections Between Terminals – Bottom Line

While LAX is not one of my favorite airports to connect through, thankfully with many airlines it is now possible to make an LAX Airside connections between terminals. As of January, 2020 TBIT and Terminals 4-8 are all connected airside with walkways. While the tunnels from Terminal 4-6 are a bit cramped and long, the new international connector is bright and a fun place to watch planes.

Have you recently made an airside connection between terminals at LAX? Share your experience with us below!

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Shawn Coomer
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  1. Hello
    I noticed that Shawn is not replying to the questions since 2017, so, with that in mind does anyone know if elderly individuals can go through the tunnels at LAX assisted by airline employees pushed in wheelchairs from terminal 4 to TBIT?
    Thank you

  2. Hi, I have a super tight connection at LAX (1 hour 10 minutes) and if I miss the flight, I miss an important wedding I’m headed to 🙁

    I am connecting from TIBT on an international flight to a domestic flight out of T7 so not to the separate terminals 1-3 though, and I have Global Entry for quick passport/customs re-entry and then pre-check for quicker security to the domestic side at T7- do you think I can make this in one hour if I am off the plane quick??

  3. Thanks for this Shawn. We will be arriving on a UA flight from Houston, I assume at T7, then need to get on AirNZ metal from TBIT to Auckland, NZ on the same UA tciket. Our bags will be checked through. We’ve got a 7.5h layover. Can we walk the tunnels from T7 to TBIT freely without passing through security queues? How long to do the walk? Would it be worth exiting the airport and going to the beach for a few hours, given the requirement to get back in through security?

  4. Shawn Thanks for pictorial information.. very cool.

    We (family of 5) have a flight from LAX – CDG from Terminal 4 at 7 AM. We wanted to check our bags in at AA Terminal 4 counter and then head to Alaska Lounge(Priority pass member) in Terminal 6.

    How long is the walk from Terminal 4 to Alaska lounge in T6? Our AA flight is at 7 am and lounge opens at 5 AM so we will get there early.

  5. Shawn,

    I will depart from LAX at terminal B to Japan with Singapore airline and I think about to use Priority Pass to get in Alaska lounge at terminal 6 after I get in security at terminal B. Is it feasible and how much time I need to enjoy the lounge

    • The walk from B to T6 will take about 20 minutes each way. So you would have time to enjoy the Alaska Lounge before your flight. The problem is that Alaska Lounge now routinely denies access to PP holders. You may end up walking to T6 only to be denied. If your flight leaves between noon and 8 p.m. you should consider using the KAL lounge in B. If your flight leaves before noon you should consider using the Virgin Atlantic lounge in T2 (although this will require you clear security in T2).

  6. Hi Shawn, Interesting post. I have a question on transiting LAX. I arrive from Calgary on a westjet flight at terminal 2 and have a connection to Abudhabi on Etihad at TBIT. Is there a Airside transit between these terminals? Remember that US Customs and immigration happens on the Canadian side and the bags are checked in thru to Abudhabi. I’m trying to see if there is a way to avoid the long security line at TBIT as the transit time is barely 3 hours

  7. I am arriving on United at terminal 7 and connecting to Skywest at terminal 8. Will i be able to walk to terminal 8 on the same level, or will I need to use an escalator to go to a different level in order to reach terminal 8?

  8. I will be arriving at Terminal 6 and transiting to Tom Bradley. I wear a leg brace and walk with a cane. What options do I have to get from T6 to Bradley without walking the entire way?

    • There are shuttles curbside that will take you there. You can also ask the airline for assistance ahead of time and they will make sure you get to the other terminal with help.

      • Thank you. I have arranged wheel chair to and from the gates but Alaska Air my arriving airline tells me they will only take me curbside to get the shuttle so there is a little disconnect there but I will somehow manage so long as I have someone to help load my suitcase onto the shuttle. I travel very light so I’m sure I can find a little help.

  9. I will be making a connection from Terminal 5 to Terminal 4. I was wondering which gate the tunnel is closest to? Thanks in advance.

  10. Shawn….Were leaving San Diego to LAX on American Eagle to Terminal 5….then proceeding to Japan Airlines at Tom Bradley International…can we use rhe tunnels or have to recheck our bags and go thru security again

    • If your flights are on the same itinerary you should be able to check your bags in San Diego, however on the return you will re-check at TBIT. Coming from American Eagle you should be able to use the tunnels as well.

  11. Shawn, I am arriving TBIT and then will be on a flight out of T6. Is it best to use the bridge from TBIT to T4 and then navigate to T5 and then to T6, or is it better to just exit TBIT and walk outside until I reach T6 and enter there? I arrive at around 415PM and need to catch a 550PM flight. I have Global Entry and Pre Chek so I should be able to exit and go through security again fairly quick? Any advice on the best transit path from TBIT to T6 with this much time?

    • Since you will already be outside of security when you clear customs at TBIT, it is probably just better to walk outside to T6 and the re-clear security there. I don’t believe TBIT has Precheck either (unless that has recently changed) so that will be another reason to go to T6 where you should be able to utilize it.

  12. Next week I have two friends arriving at Terinal one on Southwest, One is connecting to Delta and the other is leaving with me on a flight on Virgin America. Is there any way to pass through security in Terminal one with my ticket to Virgin America so I can meet them and walk them back to their/our connecting flights? Thanks for any specific info you can offer, I am confused to say the least if this is allowed.

  13. In two weeks time, I will be arriving LAX T4 shortly after 10pm with a 4 hours layoff, departing from T4 again at 2am. I probably would try your connector to reach T6 to use the Alaska lounge there (Priority pass) as this lounge close at midnight. Hope everything goes smoothly.
    Thanks for your post.

  14. Shawn, landing TBiT on Virgin Australia then to Delta at T5(aware of T4 T5 airside tunnel). I know I have to clear Customs Immigration then drop bags. Can you explain where the Sec point is for access to T4. Believe it is near bag drop. Would rather try this than walking outside along road and enter Sec at T5. Carl

      • Shawn, are you referring to going outside road side the up a level then walking along to T4 entrance. I ask as I thought there was a sec point very near bag drop that too a person direct to T4. Thanks Carl

        • I just passed thru LAX, after dropping luggage off at connector flight station there is NO REQUIREMENT to physically walk outside. There is a small corridor with TSA on the right that allows a person to go thru without having to go outside. After you pass thru this and follow path you pop out between TBIT and T4 along the new T4 TBIT connector. Right turn goes to TBIT and left goes to T4.
          Carl Z

  15. Shawn, I’m arriving in terminal 4 (AA) and leaving from TBIT on a separate flight. I will likely have bags to check unless AA checks them all the way through for us which is a potential possibility due to our flying on a partner airline (air tahiti nui).

    Do you know if we will have to leave terminal 4 and go back through security at TBIT, or can we use the connector? Air tahiti nui said it may be possible to just check in at the gate before flight but they were unsure of the checking bags issue. I also saw it mentioned somewhere that there may be a baggage re-check area in the connector, is that true?

    Any insight into this or advice? Thanks!

    • You can certainly try. If you are in Terminal 4 you will have access to the connector. The only issue you run into is if you need a boarding pass and can’t get one airside and/if AA won’t check your bags through. If the tickets are on the same itinerary hopefully they will. If you AA ticket is separate they probably won’t.

    • When you check in they will tell you if the bags are checked to the final destination.
      If so then follow the route in this post and you will end up in TBIT airside.

  16. Hi Shawn, I am going from Virgin America to Southwest. Which way should I go? I have 40min between my connecting fly. Do you think I have time? Thank you for your advise

  17. I will be arriving by AA domestic at Terminal 4 and leaving from TBIT on a separate reservation (Korean air). Do I need to exit, get a Korean boarding pass and then clear security again? Or can I go through the connector and have my boarding pass printed at the gates? Thanks

  18. Shawn, I will be arriving at Terminal 2 on an Aer Lingus flight from Dublin, so I will have already cleared customs/immigration in Ireland before arriving at LAX. Officially it will therefore be a domestic arrival. I have only 60 minutes to get to a Delta gate in terminal 6. Is that possible? I think an earlier post suggested that you have to exit security on leaving terminal 2 and then go through security again to enter terminal 6. I will have only a carry-on case and will already have all boarding passes. Is this timeline possible? Can it be done without re-doing security? Any advice greatly appreciated. John

    • Hi John. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to get from Terminal 2 to Terminal 6 airside. That is a very tough connection. If you exit Terminal 2 and take the bus to Terminal 6 it shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes. The big hurdle for you is security. If there isn’t a huge line then you should be good. If the line is long, then you definitely risk missing the Delta flight.

  19. Hello Shawn.

    I will escort my 12 year old niece from San Luis Obispo(SBP) to Los Angeles(LAX) aboard United Express(UA). We will deplane at terminal 8. Her flight to return home to Peru will be from TBIT. The layover is 4 hrs.
    I would like to escort her to her LATAM gate at TBIT and spend the layover in a VIP lounge.

    Once I’ve deplaned my UA flight at terminal 8, I am no longer a ticketed passenger. However, I have not yet left the secured area.
    My question for you is this. Since I have reached my destination and am not ticketed for another flight, will I be able to move freely with her to TBIT?

    That brings to mind another question.
    Will there be a boarding pass kiosk inside the secured area, or will we have to go outside the secured area to get a boarding pass?
    Put simply; can we get her boarding pass without having to go out and clear security again?

    Thank you,

    • You can move freely, but unless you get the Boarding Pass in SBP then you will have to leave security to get your LATAM pass. At that point you won’t be able to get back through.

  20. Thanks Shawn for the info! We are making a tight connection on American and I have not used these tunnels but it sure beats having to re enter security check again during this busy holiday season.

  21. You CAN stay airside between T1 and T2 when connecting to/from Southwest to International. A shuttle bus runs between Gate 12A in T1 and Gate 21A in T2. Takes 5 minutes and stays airside. Almost impossible to find and SWA doesn’t announce its presence onboard.

  22. Hi Shawn thanks for the information! I will be traveling next month and it seems like that I have to head to terminal 4 from terminal 6 and I’ve got little bit under an hour (like 50 minutes), do you think the time will be sufficient for me to catch my flight? Thank you in advance!

    -Edited: sorry for not being clear in my original post, my domestic flight will land at terminal 6 and then I have an international flight at terminal 4, so I guess the good thing is that I won’t be dealing with any hassle with the customs… oh and also the company for both flights is the same, in this case it’s AA.

    • There is definitely sufficient time as long as you get off the plan in a timely manner. The walk from T6 to T4 is 7-15 minutes depending on where your gates are on either end. Still a tight connection, but at least it is all AA so they know you’ll be coming.

  23. Thank you for spelling this out for us, I can’t wait to follow your directions and prove my husband wrong! My family will be traveling soon, it will be my first international flight. We are flying

    Portland (PDX) to LAX Terminal 6 (Alaska)
    LAX to Cook Islands (RAR)

    Do I understand you to say we can avoid security at LAX (as long as we get our boarding pass for RAR in Portland) but on our way back into the country we will have to go through customs at LAX?


  24. My sister has a tight connection coming from an international United flight arriving in TBIT to a domestic United flight from T7. Can she get there through the tunnels without going through TSA again?

  25. Can you connect between international terminal and terminal 4 without having to go through security? If not can you connect to any of the other terminals from terminal 4 without having to go through security?

  26. Shawn, THANK YOU for this article & photos. This saved a ton of time & hassle at LAX. This info left me some time to eat & shower in Star Alliance lounge before international flight. Normally I’m running outside in the humidity between terminals & going through long security lines. Ugh! Thanks again!!

  27. Can someone confirm the validity of this information? I am travelling from
    PHX to LAX (T 6)
    LAX (TBIT) to AMS

    After reading this post, I was happy that I will not have to go out of the terminal and I will be able to skip the 2nd security screening at TBIT BUT when I checked with Delta Airlines (who in turned claimed to have called Airport Authorities at LAX) CONFIRMED that there is no internal connection and that I will have to go out of Terminal 6, reach TBIT, go through Security Screening again at TBIT.

    If someone has recently traveled from T6 to TBIT without having to have 2nd security screening at TBIT. Please let me know.

    • Yes it is open as recent as a few weeks ago. Make sure you get your boarding pass to AMS in PHX or else you will have to go outside security to check-in. As long as you have your boarding pass, follow the signs for T4. Once in T4 walk towards the exit and security. Right before security you will see the turn off towards TBIT and follow the walkway as shown in these pics.

      • You were absolutely correct Shawn. Thanks for the information and being so active in responding back. The information on this website made my travel a lot smoother. The Delta support was wrong. I got all my boarding passes at Phoenix (PHX — LAX — AMS — DEL). I did not have to go through the 2nd security screening at LAX.

        Thanks again for taking the pain of putting all this information here.

  28. I’m flying Delta from San Jose Costa Rica (SJO) to LAX then United Express to San Luis Obispo Ca. (SBP) , can I do that without going through security again and how would you do that

  29. How long does it take to get from terminal 7 to TBIT if I use the tunnels? I’m flying EWR to LAX, then LAX to SYD. I have a 90 min layover in LAX. Is that enough time to walk from terminal 7 to TBIT? Thanks

  30. Reading your description of the tunnel system if I come in on United at terminal 7 it seems that going out and walking down to Bradley International is still the best bet than trying the tunnel system from there?

    • It depends. The tunnels are fairly straightforward, but going to the curb and walking straight to TBIT is definitely more direct. If you could get through security at TBIT fairly quickly then perhaps it would be simpler to go that way, but lines are often long and they don’t have precheck there either.

  31. We are traveling form T6 to Tom B through the tunnels and wanted to know Do we need to collect our baggage to transfeer or does the airline do it.

    • I am assuming you will be flying different airlines so as long as they don’t have a codeshare, then you will need to re-check. If they are partners and/or have a codeshare you may be able to check your baggage through. Check with your airline to see your options.

  32. Wanted to thank you a ton for your instructions on how to get from Terminal 6 to the Tom Bradley International Terminal. My family of five, plus three others on our flight from Seattle to LAX had 1-hour to get to our international flight. These instructions allowed us to pass by what the flight attendant had told us (exiting the terminal and passing through security again) and get to our flight minutes before we boarded.

    Plus they made me look like a hero. Kudos were given on my blog at

  33. Hello Shawn

    This is very informative, so thank you. I will be landing via United on Terminal 8. Is there a connection between Terminal 8 and the International Terminal where I will connect with Asiana Airlines. Secondly, I am also traveling with elderly parents who have limited mobility. One parent will need the aid of a wheelchair, maybe the other parent as well since the walk will be quite lengthy. In this situation, is it still better to use the tunnels so we do not have to go through security again? I am hoping that if I request wheelchair access that there will someone who will help us from Terminal 8 to the TBIT.

  34. USA Airports, I been in zoos in 3rd world countries better organizes than USA Airports and Transportation systems.
    But hey keep telling yourselves you the worlds best, I am sur ether are idiots out there that will believe you.

      • Hi there
        My 16 yrs old son is going to travel with Etihad Airways…so he will get to TBIT then he needs to go to Terminal 6 to go to AZ with AA.

        The questation is
        1. How long does it take to transfer from TBIT to T6???

        2. How he can go…he does not speak good English???

        • This depends on if he clear customs in Abu Dhabi or not. If he needs to go through immigration and customs then it can take quite some time. The actual walk is about 20 minutes or there are busses that run between the terminals. The signage is quite good and if he knows how to say Terminal 6, employees can help direct him even with limited English. He can also write it down and show someone and they will direct him.

  35. I just made my way from TBIT to Terminal 4 on the airside! Much faster and more convenient than going through security again. Thanks, LAX!

    • I found myself landside after leaving passport and customs at TBIT with checked baggage to put back on the belt for my second flight from T6. Where did I go wrong?

      • Bump. Same here. After arriving at TBIT, you have to go through customs and pick up your bag before rechecking it, and I believe that location is already outside of the secured area.

  36. I don’t fly often, so when I do I’m a bit nervous – especially when there’s a connecting flight involved. I happened upon your page and the combination of text and pictures was outstanding! I made it from terminal 4 to 6 without problems and even guided some fellow passengers along the way. Thanks for taking the time to document this as you have – I would’ve missed my connecting flight without it!

  37. G’day,

    Great directions. Made it from 6 to 4 with time for a shower in the Admiral’s Club before my red-eye east.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Oh, they have also updated the white tunnel with lots of cool airline / flight history.


  38. I’m writing this from LAX after missing my flight and getting set up for the next one. I had a bad experience with these tunnels today.

    I entered the airport from Terminal 2 (Or maybe it was 6, based on the information you have here) and needed to go to Terminal 4. For some reason, I had booked the flight through US Airways, but the actual flight was on American. They still printed my boarding pass, though.

    I passed through security, then wound my way through the tunnels and several of the images you’d posted look familiar. I followed the signs to Gates 40-49. However, somehow I ended up leaving the security area. Either I was absent minded and daydreaming, or the security exit was poorly marked. I felt that I was paying close attention though, and don’t understand how I made the mistake.

    I want to retrace my steps to see if I can see where I went wrong.


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