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Why Does Working From Home Suck So Hard? My Tips To...

I wanted to share some working from home tips with you. I know many people are working from home for the first time now and the adjustment can be hard.

I Am Slashing Credit Card Fees Right & Left, Why You...

With travel on lockdown for now does it make sense to start slashing our credit credit fees if we are unable to use the perks in the near future?

How To Travel Internationally Without a SIM Card/Cell Phone Service

Here are a few tips on how to travel internationally without cell phone service or a local sim card. It can be done with proper planning & these tips!

Do This One Thing to Get Through the TSA Line Like...

You can get through TSA checkpoints like a pro with this tip and if everyone would do it the TSA process would be smooth and efficient.

The Worst Newbie Mistake I Made When Applying for Credit Cards

A look at the worst newbie credit card mistakes including a situation where I screwed up so bad it caused several phone calls to the fraud department!

A Mandatory Waiting Period to Apply for Credit Cards?

A look at some of the common mistakes that new members of the miles/points hobby make and why people may want to self impose a waiting period before applying for cards.

A Secret Way to See Dubai – Do What the Locals...

Dubai skyline from the Dubai Ferry.
On a recent trip I was able to take the Dubai Ferry from Bur Dubai to the Dubai Marina. It is a fantastic and economical way to see the city from the water.

Norwegian Getaway Review – Itinerary, Embarkation & Staterooms

Norwegian Getaway Review - Nassau.
Norwegian Getaway Review - Itinerary, Embarkation & Staterooms Part 1 - Itinerary, Embarkation & Staterooms  Part 2 - All About the Food & Dining Part 3 -...