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Chase Is Removing The Double Hard Pull Error…If You Ask

Chase has been pulling people's credit report twice from the same bureau lately. It is possible to get the double hard pull removed if you reach out.

Understanding Credit Card Limits and How To Increase Your Credit Limit

This article looks at credit limits. We understand what credit card spending limits are, what you can and cannnot do, & how to increase your credit limit.

My Credit Piggybacking Experience: Easy Money But Not Worth It

I share lessons learned and some advice for others from my own credit piggybacking experience. Here's what it is, how it works & what I learned from it.

Amex Rat Sinks Their Teeth Into Airline Incidental Credits #Clawback

American Express has now set their sights on the airline incidental credits and have started clawing back some credits from 2019.

American Express Is Fixing Their Broken Uber Credit Perk, Kind Of

Here is some good news, American Express is fixing their broken Uber credit perk. It is now easier than ever to use each month!

Debt Is Evil

A quick rant about debt, why your debt pays for my travel and how taking on debt is costly in so many ways.

Credit Karma Adds Equifax – Get Your Full Score & Report...

Credit Karma Equifax
Credit Karma Equifax Addition - Credit Karma has added Equifax credit reports & scores to their service. Find out how to get them & what other changes they have made.