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(Now Everyone Does) The One Thing I Do Every Flight! ...

There is one thing I do every flight, no matter the airline, class, or cabin. I never see anyone else do it so am I a weirdo or do you do it too?

New Rail Access to Disney World? Brightline Plans Expansion to...

Brightline plans Orlando expansion which can potentially augment many Florida travelers' plans. But does it make sense for Disney World fans?

Disney World During the Pandemic? Why And How I’m Planning...

Like many of you, our travel has taken a huge 2020 dip. Here's why and how I'm planning a Disney World trip during our current pandemic.

Help! Points & Miles Two-Player Mode With A Reluctant Partner

How Many Countries Are There? Well...It Depends! And We May Disagree
Are you in "two-player mode" for points and miles, but you've got a reluctant partner? Here are some things you can do to make it easier.

Overcoming a TYP Redemption Challenge with a Different Perspective

Rewards limitations can hold us all down. But you can expand your rewards options beyond traditional redemptions. Here's how I have.

I Travel Less, and I Enjoy More

I've been traveling less for years. Less travel has enabled many benefits, some planned and other unintended. Here's what I've discovered.

Walt Disney World Reopening Details & Guide – What You Need...

Disney World reopening details have been announced! Here's the primary information you need to know before visiting the parks starting in July.

Road Trips Are The Travel Choice Of 2020 & Why I...

We have road-tripped for years, and I've put even more emphasis on road trip planning recently. Here's why I'm planning despite possibly canceling later.