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Why Points And Miles Is A Great Family Hobby

I share why points and miles is a great family hobby and I share a few reasons why we can take it too far as well.

How To Get Your Reluctant Partner Involved In Points And Miles

If you have been struggling to get your reluctant partner involved in points and miles maybe these pointers will help some.

Can I Transfer Points to Someone Else? Here’s A Guide For...

Can I transfer points to someone else? Each airline, bank & hotel program has its own rules on sharing/pooling. Here are the differences.

How Miles & Points Have Made My Marriage Even Better

Miles and points have done a lot of things for me and my family but one surprising thing they have done is made my marriage even better!

I’m About to Embark on a Completely New Type of Family...

I consider myself an expert on family travel, but I've never been on a trip quite like this. Find out why I am so excited to embark on this new type of family adventure.

Vegas Tip: My Favorite Hiking Trail at Red Rock Canyon

By family travel expert Shawn Coomer | Red Rock Canyon Hiking Trails - Find out which hiking trail at Red Rock Canyon is my favorite and where you should go on your next trip to Vegas.

Where You May Want To Go Instead Of A Museum On...

Local amusement park in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam.
Visiting local amusement parks is often the best way to infuse fun into a trip while also getting a chance to get away from other tourists & meet the locals.

The Future Looks Bright

BAcon Conference
Miles to Memories continues to grow at an incredible pace. The future looks bright as I am launching a new family travel column & speaking at the Family Travel For Real Life conference next March.