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And Then There Was 1: Blackhawk (Owner of GiftCardMall) Purchases Giftcards.com!...

Blackhawk Network has agreed to purchase Giftcards.com thus further consolidating the gift card industry. What does this mean for Visa gift cards which can be purchased online?

Combining Amex Offers with Gift Card Deals: Here is a Real...

Combining a gift card offer at JCPenney with a recent Amex Offer to stack savings and walk away a winner!

A 6X Manufactured Spend Opportunity with a Catch: Is This Card...

A card you have probably never heard of is offering up to 6% back on all purchases. There is of course a catch, so is this card worth the hard credit inquiry?

Why You Probably Want to Login to Your Giftcards.com Account: You...

If you were purchasing VIsa gift cards from Giftcards.com you may have a nice surprise waiting for you when you login to your account.

Make Money & 5X This Weekend at Staples with Visa Gift...

Staples Mastercard Online Deal
Details of this week's Staples Visa gift card rebate, how to earn 5X points at a negative cost & whether or not this will work with Discover & Apple Pay.

My Uber Officemax MS Joyride & A Word of Caution About...

About my recent Uber manufactured spending run, how my home country was changed, earning credits in a foreign currency & Uber's customer service.

Giftcards.com is Neutered with New $250 Limit on Visa Gift Cards:...

Giftcards.com has dealt what may be the death blow to their Visa gift card program. By lowering the limits, they have eliminated a lot of the usefulness for MS.

Staples Is Selling $300 Visas Online & Why It Is A...

A detailed look at the new Staples $300 Visa gift cards including an analysis of why this is both a good deal and a bad one depending on your perspective.