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Two New Ways To Get More Miles to Memories In Your...

We have two new ways to get more Miles to Memories in your life. Shawn and Mark have two new mediums where you can get some more great MtM travel content.

Hey Amazon, Where Is Our Amazon Prime Bailout?

Why are there no Amazon Prime membership extensions? One of the few companies doing better during the pandemic is offering their customers the least help.

United Airlines Steps Up To Help Out New York & New...

United Airlines has teamed up with two nonprofit organizations to deliver 50,000 N95 masks to medical workers in outbreak hot spots.

Why Hasn’t Air Travel Been Suspended? Should It Even Be Considered?

Have you wondered why are airplanes still flying when everything else has been shut down? I go over some reasons that airplanes are still in the air.

How Marriott Vistana Is Failing Their Owners During Covid-19

I had a reader reach out to me to discuss how Marriott Vistana is failing their owners during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is their timeshare company.

Update: Chase Corrects Terms On Welcome Offer Extensions (An Improvement)

I received communication that Chase has corrected their terms on welcome offer extensions and it is an improvement in my opinion.

IHG Is Extending All Free Night Certificates Till The End Of...

Last Chance to Take Advantage of IHG Points Promotion
Great news, IHG is extending free night certificates for everyone. No need to call in or email them to get your free night certificates extended.

How To Get A Walmart Grocery Order Spot – Every. Single....

I show you how to get a Walmart Grocery order spot every single time without fail. That elusive grocery pick up slot can be yours with these easy steps.