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Elite Status – The Travel Industry’s Brilliant Deception

Elite status is fun to achieve and experience. But is elite status overvalued? Here's why chasing elite status has gone too far for me.

Southwest Companion Pass Tips & Tricks – Everything You Need to...

So you have a freshly minted Southwest companion pass, what now? I have some Southwest Companion pass tips & tricks that should help you maximize it.

Personal Southwest Credit Cards Have 50K Bonuses that Count for Companion...

Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Card
Southwest has increased bonuses on the two personal credit cards. These are not the highest bonuses we have seen on these credit cards but they could still be worth it to get your Companion Pass.

Southwest Companion Pass for $69, Public Link Now Available [CA Only]

There's an incredible offer from Southwest which could easily get you  Companion Pass. However it was a targeted offer that targeted only a few people by email in California. Now the offer is public, but it is still only available in that one lucky state.

Success: My Journey Towards 2 More Years of the Southwest Companion...

With recent negative changes and then a temporary reprieve, it was time for me to implement my Southwest Rapid Rewards Companion Pass strategy. Here are my reasons behind getting the pass, what I did and how long it took to get it.

Anatomy of a Dream Vacation: Our $3K+ Trip to Hawaii for...

Behind the booking for our upcoming trip to Maui including how we paid for the flights & hotels to save thousands of dollars on this dream vacation.

My Simple & Easy Path to the Southwest Companion Pass

A look at how I recently obtained the Southwest Companion Pass. Thanks to an increased 60K bonus, I was able to do it entirely through credit card bonuses.