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These 5 Cards Could Save Your Bacon With Their Awesome Travel...

Are you a frequent traveler? Here are the best credit cards for travel insurance to make sure you're covered if things go wrong when you're on the road.

Flight Compensation Under EC261 in Europe – What If The Airline...

When seeking flight compensation under EC261 in Europe, it's hard to get reimbursed if the airline lies. "Fake news" is Iberia's response to my claim.

Which Credit Cards Offer Primary Rental Insurance Coverage? These Are The...

Wondering which credit cards offer primary rental insurance policies? Here's a look at the cards that offer primary coverage & important things to consider.

It Is About Time! Amex Adding Travel Protections To Premium...

American Express Platinum Varieties Guide
Finally! Amex travel insurance is coming to many premium cards in their lineup. It will cover trip cancellations & interuptions plus trip delay insurance.