How I Got the 20% Off Amazon Deal to Work on a Non Targeted Account

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Trick to Get Targeted for 20% Off Amazon Deal

How to Get Targeted for the 20% Off Amazon Deal

1/27/20 – I just did this again for the latest offer and it worked again.  It took 2-3 days for him to be targeted after adding the card so I would try it now.  May be worth removing all MR earning cards and then re-adding them tomorrow too.

I am sure most of you are probably tired of reading about this 20% off Amazon deal.  Not me, because it is easy $$$.  I used the offer twice for my account and once for my wife’s account (she wasn’t targeted the first time around).

That got me to thinking, how could I increase my bandwidth with this deal?  I decided to check my Dad’s account but he wasn’t targeted 😢. Perseverance led me to a way around that.  I turned that denial into an approval!

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The Workaround

My father does not have a Membership Rewards earning credit card but I wanted to check to see if he was targeted anyway.  I checked the link but it said he wasn’t targeted.  I figured it may be because he didn’t have a pay with points option so I added one of our MR earning cards to his account.  After that I set up the pay with points for our card on his account and checked again, but still no dice.

I have heard that the system can take a few days to register the change.  So I gave it 2 days and checked again and bam! it was working.  I ordered up $500 in Lowe’s gift cards for $400.  Amazon gift cards were not working even when $100 of Lowe’s was already in the cart.  I think you had to get in the first time around for Amazon to be an option.

Offer Link


There are two takeaways from this:

  • If you weren’t targeted the first time it could be because you didn’t have a Membership Rewards card set up or didn’t have the pay with points option activated.
  • If you don’t have a Membership Rewards earning card you can use someone else’s to get the offer.

Give it a couple of days once you set it up and check again. Maybe check some family member’s accounts to get a few more deals in.  Hope this helps some of you that missed out the first time.  And if you were on living under a rock and never checked before you better check now!


  1. wooow, I am not so “tyreeed” of seeing these deals keyed off the Amex Rewards eligible accounts to see I’ve missed the boat. Nice you could help your Dad get on the gravy train. So unless I find some too kind soul out there willing to lend me his/her MR card to link to my account…. I’m ready to bite the bullet and get one of these things. (Already have 7 Amex cards within the family — and would be willing to product change one of them if that would help. Or might go for a new account? has M2M ever done a post reviewing the Amex MR card fare options?)

    • We don’t have anything that compares them all. The Amex Everyday card is a good one if you don’t care about MR points much outside of the Amazon deals etc. since it has no annual fee but the points it earns are still transferable. If you were looking for a good bonus 100K Platinum or 50K Premier Rewards Gold are about as good as it gets. PRG annual fee is waived the first year and gets$100 in airline incidentals twice the first cardmember year since it is based on calendar year. Pretty decent earning structure too.

  2. Question – are you guys able to redeem multiple deals using the same card? We have just a sole AMEX plat, but I do have a couple accounts with the 20% offer.

  3. Thanks for sharing. It is now working for my spouse’s account. Quick buck, sold at cardkangaroo for $332.08 and bought at $319.99


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