When You’ll Get Your Stimulus Check & How to Potentially Get It Faster!

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When You Should Expect Your Stimulus Check
The IRS stimulus website is now working for many people who previously received an error. Check out the details in our post.

When You Should Expect Your Stimulus Check – Schedule Released

We are now a couple of months into the COVID-19 pandemic and many Americans have yet to receive their stimulus funds yet. The IRS is working hard to send out funds to those who qualify, but if you are waiting for a paper check you may be watching the mail box for a long time.

Are You Eligible for a U.S. Stimulus Payment?

U.S. government stimulus funds (Economic Impact Payment) are now being deposited into bank accounts with paper checks also being sent out according to an income based schedule (see below). Eligible Americans will receive stimulus in the amount of $1,200+ depending on qualifying factors. Here is how it works.

  • Single people earning $75K or less will receive $1,200
  • Heads of household who make $112,500 or less will receive $1,200
  • Married couples earning $150K or less will receive $2,400
  • Additional payments of $500 per child 16 or under will be given

Those with higher incomes than shown may be eligible for reduced payments depending on overall income. The IRS has a very detailed Stimulus FAQ which can help you further research whether you qualify for one of these economic relief payments.

When You Should Expect Your Stimulus Check

Direct Deposit May Be the Fastest Way to Get a Stimulus Check

Before we go into the IRS schedule for mailing stimulus checks, let’s talk about the best course of action. If at all possible it is probably more convenient to allow the government to direct deposit your stimulus check directly into your bank account. Thankfully the IRS stimulus website continues to be updated, so if it didn’t work for you in the past it may be worth trying again.

Both tax filers and non-filers can utilize the IRS stimulus website to enter their direct deposit information. Once you enter your information you can check back on the website to find out the date your funds will be deposited into your account. Based on anecdotal evidence from readers, it is taking 2 or more weeks to receive your stimulus check via direct deposit after you give the IRS your information. Check out the post below for full information on how to check the status of your stimulus including what information you’ll need in order to successfully use the IRS stimulus website.

Show Me The Money! How To Check The Status Of Your Stimulus Payment

U.S. Stimulus Check Mailing Schedule

If you don’t want direct deposit or otherwise can’t receive a direct deposit, the IRS is now sending out printed stimulus checks for qualifying taxpayers, but the schedule is not random. Instead of randomly sending out stimulus checks, they have decided to send them based on income from lowest to highest. This way those who need the stimulus funds most will receive them first.

I am happy to say that the first rounds of stimulus checks are already being sent out! Use the following mailing schedule to determine when you will receive your U.S. stimulus check. Dates are based on adjusted gross income.

  • Less than $10,000: April 24
  • $10,001 – $20,000: May 1
  • $20,001 – $30,000: May 8
  • $30,001 – $40,000: May 15
  • $40,001 – $50,000: May 22
  • $50,001 – $60,000: May 29
  • $60,001 – $70,000: June 5
  • $70,001 – $80,000: June 12
  • $80,001 – $90,000: June 19
  • $90,001 – $100,000: June 26
  • $100,001 – $110,000: July 3
  • $110,001 – $120,000: July 10
  • $120,001 – $130,000: July 17
  • $130,001- $140,000: July 24
  • $140,001 – $150,000: July 31
  • $150,001 – $160,000: August 7
  • $160,001 – $170,000: August 14
  • $170,001 – $180,000: August 21
  • $180,001 – $190,000: August 28
  • $190,001 – $198,000: September 4
  • Remaining checks: September 11

If you have one of the higher income thresholds that qualifies for a stimulus check and you don’t provide the government your direct deposit information, then you could potentially be waiting all the way until September before receiving your physical stimulus check. Using direct deposit via the IRS stimulus website is probably the way to go if you would like to receive your funds sooner.

When You Should Expect Your Stimulus Check

When You Should Expect Your Stimulus Check – Bottom Line

The great news is the IRS is already mailing out stimulus checks to some qualifying taxpayers. The stimulus check mailing schedule should tell you when to expect your relief funds and if the wait is long, you might want to consider opting for direct deposit if that is an option for you.

Have you received a physical stimulus check in the mail? Did it come according to the mailing schedule? Share your experience below!

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  1. I’m on social security retirement and haven’t received my stimulus payment yet,my wife is on social security disability and got hers on the 28th.we need it bad for we are trying to move and every thing you do cost a lot.

  2. Im on ssi fixed income still have not got my stimulas along with alot of others its saposed to come on our direct express card .we are some pf the poorest and still waiting .they have even sent money to people out of the country and to dead people . But we are still waiting . Dont get me wrong i appreciate and feel lucky to even get anything at all but come on we struggle month to month on the little we do get and we are almost the last .im beggining to wonder ifvwe will ever get it. So frustrated.

  3. After you posted on April 24 about the IRS fixing its website, I was finally able to add our banking info the next day (we had problems because our “refund” was applied to our 2020 estimated tax and the website wouldn’t originally accept a refund of $0). We got our refund today which is better than waiting until mid June for a check.

  4. The IRS is amazing (rolleyes).

    1. They have our banking info since we pay taxes and receive refunds electronically.
    2. They automatically deposit social security checks.

    So why did I have to go to the website and enter my banking info?? My check arrived early this morning.
    Most Americans received their check a month ago. I’m scratching my head tying to figure this out.


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