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What Happens To Our Valuable Caesars Diamond Status After Eldorado Purchase?

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Caesars Rewards to Eldorado status match.

Caesars Rewards To Eldorado Status Match, Is It Worth It?

A few months back Eldorado made a large purchase of Caesars Rewards. Many people in the miles and points game have a soft spot for Caesars Rewards because of the easily accessible Diamond status and all of the perks that comes along with it. In the past you have been able to secure the status without spending a minute in the casino through various status matches.  While some of those have dried up recently it is still possible to play the game, or get it via FoudersCard. But with this recent purchase would our $100 celebration dinner, free show tickets and lounge access go away? Is the Wyndham to Caesars status match merry-go-round a thing of the past? Should we do a Caesars Rewards to Eldorado status match?  Let’s take a look at, and answer, all those questions.

Caesars Rewards to Eldorado status match.

Eldorado Is Joining Caesars Rewards

Eldorado has kind of a piecemeal rewards program right now.  They currently have 4 different players clubs:

  • Club One
  • Fan Club
  • Trop Advantage
  • Club GVC

If that seems confusing to you then you are not alone.  It is like 4 different companies are working under one brand.  Because of that, and because Caesars Rewards is the biggest name among them, the Eldorado programs will be merging into Caesars Rewards.  That is great news for us, and for Eldorado members really.  Even though Caesars Rewards was the entity purchased, their rewards program will be the one sticking around.

Caesars Rewards to Eldorado status match.

Will The Caesars Rewards / Wyndham Partnership Be A Thing Of The Past?

What does this all mean for the Wyndham Rewards partnership?  You can currently match Caesars and Wyndham status back and forth, and because of the overlap in status dates you can do a continuous status match loop. You can also move points between the two programs, which can make for some interesting opportunities.

As for the future, to be honest I don’t know what will happen with this partnership.  I think in the short term it will stay intact but who knows what Eldorado will want to do long term.

Another potential issue is that Eldorado could change the date that your status ends from January 31st every year to January 1st.  That would eliminate the overlap between the Caesars Rewards and Wyndham programs (since Wyndham status ends on January 1st each year).  Currently you can match from Caesars to Wyndham on January 2nd and then back from Wyndham to Caesars on February 1st.  I wrote an article why I didn’t think this would change before the sale happened but who knows if Eldorado will want to simplify things.  I am not sure what type of schedule their current programs run and if this is their norm or not. If you know please let me know in the comments.

Luckily, with the extension of status we will not have to worry about this in 2021.

match guide

Caesars Rewards To Eldorado Status Match Opportunities

Are there any opportunities to be had before the programs fully integrate? Not really.  I looked through the 4 Eldorado programs for anything like the Diamond Celebration dinner etc. and there wasn’t much meat on those bones.  It looks like Trop Advantage will give you a cruise, but who knows when it would be possible to use it or if you would want to right now anyway.  They also offer a birthday dinner, during your birthday month. If you were traveling to a Trop Advantage casino during your birthday month then I would do a match for sure.  For most of us that probably won’t be the case.

If you were planning on visiting one of the Eldorado properties then matching your status before going makes sense. You might as well get some perks while on property!  As far as if there is anything worth going out of your way for, that doesn’t appear to be the case. If you have some rewards in one of the programs you could link the accounts and move your rewards between programs.

For people that are currently heavy in the Eldorado programs and want to match over to Caesars Rewards that is a different story. You would get valuable status, with perks, and the ability to move points between your accounts. If you have an upcoming trip to Vegas I would do this before you go.

Link For Merging Accounts

Caesars Rewards To Eldorado Status Match Final Thoughts

I was happy to hear that Caesars Rewards will continue to live on.  In my opinion, it continues to be the most rewarding loyalty program for gamblers (although it used to be a lot better).  That means that our perks that come with Diamond status should be here to stay, at least for now.  I am not sure if the Wyndham partnership will continue long term, only time will tell on that one.  If that goes away then Founderscard may be the only easy avenue left for Casears Rewards Diamond status.  Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

As for the Eldorado program, there doesn’t appear to be a ton of value to be had by matching from Caesars before the merging of programs happens later this year.  If you are going to one of the properties anyway, or want to move credits between accounts, then I would go ahead and do it.  I don’t think there is enough value to go out of your way for though.

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Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. I did the Wyndham to Caesars Diamond match 6 months ago, and my Diamond status is showing on Caesars website for expiry Jan 31 2021. I thought there had been a Diamond status extension granted? Do I have this incorrect?

    • They haven’t changed the date shown on your Diamond, but this is a banner above it.
      “NOTICE: We are extending 2020 Tier Status and benefits through January 31, 2022 and making status easier to earn for 2021. “

      • Thank you – That banner probably didn’t display because I run script suppression over VPN so I will recheck natively.
        I see there is talk of Resort Fees being dropped from Diamond benefits.
        That’s really a deal breaker for me
        Thank you again.

  2. If they change Diamond benefits to NOT waive resort fees what do you think the status of existing bookings (made when the old policy was in place) would be? Any guess as to the earliest that they might do this?

    I’ve been strictly Caesar properties for year, but not if they make a change. Maybe it changes my thoughts on Vegas period. I mainly do poker tournaments, and I don’t think the hosts value those for much.

      • Done! I am not so sure that they get rid of the waived resort fees – if they did change them I think you could argue and get them removed since they were not on your booking paperwork.

    • Yup – ended earlier this year. Hopefully it comes back – linked to it in the article. Matching back and forth if you already have status with one or the other already still works (for now at least).

  3. Long-standing Diamond Plus or Elite member. Been following Eldorado acquisition closely and also rated at Trop AC (former Eldorado property).

    My guess of changes based on Eldorado history and their comments regarding Caesars being too generous w comps:

    1. Wyndham and Founder Club match are going away. Eldorado wants to reward players
    2. Access to Laurel Lounges will be $10 in RCs (1000 RCs and no ability to pay in cash or w credit card) for all members. This is consistent w Trop rules and may also limit weekend access to Diamond Plus or above.
    3. All members (even Seven Stars) will pay resort fees which can then be comped by a host based on play for that visit. This is consistent w M Life policy.

    Just a guess but pretty informed based on management I’ve spoke with. IMHO no big deal for me. I gamble enough to get it (as I should) and we need to limit perks to those who give the casino action.

    • Wouldn’t be surprised on the $10 lounge access…the way it is in AC already. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Wyndham or Founderscard goes away at some point too but I imagine it will take them a little time.

      Resort fees would be a big negative imo and would lose them some players. MGM has better properties across the board. If everything is equal people will make the switch.

    • Funny that they think caesars is too generous with comps. I play less at mgm (due to proximity of their properties) and get comps that are infinitely more generous. And mark is correct — the quality of mgm rooms tends to be higher, so I am sure many people like myself sometimes choose Caesars properties merely because of the waived resort fees.


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