Monthly Report: Paying For College With Travel Hacking Skills

Here is my monthly update on paying for college with credit card rewards. Remember to check back at the beginning of each month for my updated progress.
MaxRewards Review - How the Gold Plan Can Boost Your Points Game

Dough Shutting Down, Close or Transfer Your Accounts

The trading app was supposed to take of the big players such as Robinhood and WeBull. But instead, it is now shutting down after two years in business.

Amex Cardholders Can Get Up to $6,000 for a New Mortgage

American Express has a different offer for its cardholders, that doesn't involve any credit card bonuses. If you are looking to get a new mortgage or refinance, you can earn up to a $6,000 statement credit.

Make It Rain! 10 Countries Americans Can Visit & Become Instant Millionaires

Looking for a new approach to growing your nest egg for retirement? Here are 10 countries Americans can visit & become instant millionaires.
north korean currency

The Mysterious World of North Korean Currency & Why It Is So Rare

All You Need To Know About North Korean Currency (KWP, Won) North Korean currency; probably one of the rarest currencies outside North Korea. Why? Because it’s illegal to take out of North Korea. This means that few...
Image of coins growing as if they are plants

My Plan: Using My Travel Hacking Skills To Help Pay For College

I share the details of my plan on using credit card rewards to save for college. Come along on the ride with me, total transperancy the entire way!