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How Your Credit Score Is Calculated & How Opening Credit Cards...

How Your Credit Score Is Calculated
Learn the different factors that go into how your credit score is calculated and how applying for rewards credit cards affects each of these factors and your overall score.

Clean Slate Series: Credit Card Application Guide for Beginners

Focusing on the first year of applications without any business cards.

Debt Is Evil

A quick rant about debt, why your debt pays for my travel and how taking on debt is costly in so many ways.

Don’t Fall Into This Trap Of The Miles/Points Game

The miles & points hobby isn't for everyone. Find out the typical newbie story and learn which traps to avoid as you grow from novice to expert.

4 Reasons you Should Always Book Travel With Points!

4 reasons you should be booking your travel with miles and points.

Clean Slate Series: Year 2 Of Applications, What I Would do...

Entry 2 of the Clean Slate Series

Don’t Make This Huge Mistake with Statement Credits & Minimum Payments

4 Ways Frequent Travelers Can Avoid Wasted Points
A simple but huge mistake can cost you money and prestige with a bank. Don't do this when dealing with payments and statement credits.

How I Just Saved 27% On My Purchase By Paying with...

How paying for a product in a foreign currency can save a lot of money & a recent example where Russian Rubles saved my 27%.