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Are Loyalty Programs A Complete Sham? I Don’t Know Anymore

I have been going back and forth on this for weeks, are loyalty programs a complete sham? I am starting to think more and more that they are.

The One Thing I Hate About This Hobby – The Condescending...

There is so much to love about the miles & points hobby and the community but there is one thing that drives me crazy. The condescending & arrogant members.

No, Yesterday’s Post Wasn’t A “Humble Brag” & Other Thoughts

I wanted to take a moment to respond to some comments from yesterday's post and to share what others had to say on the subject.

Do You Ever Pay For Everyday Things With Points? Why You...

Have you ever considered using miles & points to pay everyday expenses? No, I am not talking about cashing your points in for gift cards either!

The One Thing I Do Every Flight! Am I A...

There is one thing I do every flight, no matter the airline, class, or cabin. I never see anyone else do it so am I a weirdo or do you do it too?

Chase Arbitration Update: Chase Says They Will NOT Close Your Accounts...

There has been an interesting update in the Chase arbitration debate. Chase has come out publicly and said they will not close your accounts upon refusal.

Why Amex Removing Priority Pass Restaurants Isn’t a Huge Deal to...

I discuss why Amex removing Priority Pass restaurants is not a huge deal to me even though most people are very upset with these recent changes.

The Most Damning/Must Read Articles On The Boeing 737 Max Situation

I wanted to compile a list of articles on the Boeing 737 Max situation that I found most surprising and informative on what really happened.