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Our Favorite Posts of 2019 – Illegal United Ticket, Maxing the...

We each share our favorite posts of 2019. These are posts that meant to most to us or that we were most proud of writing.

The One Thing I Hate About This Hobby – The Condescending...

There is so much to love about the miles & points hobby and the community but there is one thing that drives me crazy. The condescending & arrogant members.

Yes!!! Bipartisan Legislation Proposed For Deceptive Hotel Resort Fees!

There was legislation proposed for deceptive hotel resort fees this week and it is exactly what we have been asking for, up front pricing!

The Proof is in the Pudding! “Influencers” Have Tainted This...

More proof of what I have been talking about influencers have tainted this popular travel spot with faked photos and deceptive tactics.

Don’t Fall Into This Trap Of The Miles/Points Game

The miles & points hobby isn't for everyone. Find out the typical newbie story and learn which traps to avoid as you grow from novice to expert.

United Untied – Episode III: Return of the ExCons?

Should United bring back the Continental name, what plagues this troubled airline and how can they solve their numerous issues?

United’s Culture of Indifference & My Favorite Meme About Today’s Crazy...

Was United within their rights to forcibly remove a passenger from a flight and a meme that will make you laugh no matter your thoughts or opinions on the subject!

What Travel Is Really About & A Video That Describes it...

What I believe is the most important part of travel and a video that shows it better than I could ever describe.