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Update: The Plastic Merchant Finally Files for Bankruptcy (Link to Documents)

The Plastic Merchant saga has a new chapter: The Plastic Merchant Bankruptcy. TPM has finally filed for bankruptcy this week.

Don’t Use Your Apple Card on iTunes: Popular & Profitable Costco...

Why you shouldn't use your new Apple Card and a sale that can net you a potential profit + points or a nice discount on all of your iTunes purchases.

Gift Card Mart Suspends Gift Card Buying/Selling Operations Temporarily: What Is...

Gift Card reseller Gift Card Mart has been shutdown for weeks from buying and selling. Data points and what the company says is going on.

The Plastic Merchant Website Is Gone & With It Your Records

The Plastic Merchant has largely disappeared for the last 6 weeks, but now something has happened that all but confirms the company is defunct.

How I Turned My Vacation Into A Profit Machine & Why...

The timing of my vacation wasn't the best due to so many deals going on, so I turned my trip to Hawaii into a profit making venture.

(UPDATED – Response Sent Out) Are There Issues with The Plastic...

We have been seeing a lot of reports in our Facebook Group of issues and there is some growing concern.

Why I Love Amazon’s Gold Box Gift Card Deals

If you are a gift card reseller or are looking to get into it I offer you some good tips on how to source Amazon gift card deals.

Million Dollar Reseller: 5 Frustrations & Drawbacks to Reselling Gift Cards...

travel rewards reselling business
While building a giant reselling business can be lucrative and fun, there are many drawbacks and frustrations encountered along the way.