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Update: The Plastic Merchant Finally Files for Bankruptcy (Link to Documents)

The Plastic Merchant saga has a new chapter: The Plastic Merchant Bankruptcy. TPM has finally filed for bankruptcy this week.

Chase, Citi and Barclays Among Banks Facing UK Class Action

Chase, Citi and Barclays are among several bank that are being sued by investors over allegations they rigged the global foreign exchange market.

Amex Lawsuit in the Works, Most People Should Be Eligible

American Express may have violated the terms of the federal Truth in Lending Act by not properly disclosing the Annual Percentage Rate information.

Consolidated Lawsuit for Major Airlines Price-Fixing Scheme

A consolidated class action lawsuit argues that American, Delta, Southwest, United, Continental, and US Airways conspired with each other to increase the prices of domestic airline tickets by limiting the capacity on domestic flights.

Apple Hit with Lawsuit Over FaceTime Eavesdropping

If you see your iPhone ringing with a FaceTime video call, it’s possible that the person calling you could listen to your microphone before you’ve picked up.

Did Expedia and Hotels.com Illegally Overcharge Customers $95 Million

Possible Expedia Class Action Lawsuit estimates that Expedia overcharged customers to the tune of 95 Million Dollars by illegally inflating "government taxes and fees." and pocketing the difference

Ticketmaster Class Action Lawsuit Alleges They Encourage Ticket Resellers

Ticketmaster has been sued for inflating prices of tickets to supposedly “sold out” events by cultivating a resale market for scalpers.

Wells Fargo Settles $142 Million Class Action Lawsuit – Are You...

Wells Fargo finally settled their multi-million dollar fraudulent accounts lawsuit. Are you eligible to get a piece of the $142 million settlement?