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Credit Card Reconsideration Strategies When Calling In Fails

Have you applied for a credit card and been denied? Utilizing these credit card reconsideration strategies can help turn that denial into an approval!

The Credit Card Reconsideration Letter – What to Include & A...

Credit card reconsideration letters can be your last resort to getting approved. I have provided a sample letter to work off of along with the basic points I feel should be included to increase your chances of success.

Fighting Chase 5/24: Will I Win?

Chase 5/24 Rule Guide
Applying for the targeted 75K Chase United offer, getting a denial for too many new accounts and fighting through Chase reconsideration to overturn the decision.

Citi Denied My Application – The Reason Is One That Is...

A look at my recent Citi application denial, why the bank made the decision and how I am going to go back to my old strategy of applying for credit cards.

A Chase Reconsideration Story You Will Want to Hear

An amazing story from one of my readers about how his persistence with Chase reconsideration lead to an approval for one of the most popular travel cards around.

Why You Don’t HAVE to Call Reconsideration Right Now!

Have you received a credit card application pending message? You don't have to call in right away? Find out why & which banks are better than others.