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Flying with Southwest Right Now: Airports Changes, Friendly Service & Mask...

Southwest Flight Experience Right Now Over the past weekend, I was able to do my first flying since February on a round-trip between Phoenix and...

Air Travel Gets Worse, Airlines Are No Longer Serving Booze

Just when you thought air travel couldn't get worse, U.S. airlines are now banning alcoholic beverages in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Cheers! Southwest Extends Expiration Date for Free Drink Coupons

Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Card
If you're holding a recently expired coupon, or one that is about to expire, you don’t need to do anything for these changes to go into effect.

Lock In Holiday Travel Now! Southwest Extends Schedule Till January

Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Card
Southwest Airlines has announced its much awaited scheduled extension. Southwest loyalists usually count down the days to the schedule release so they can book their travel in advance.

Southwest CEO Predicts Radical Restructuring for Airline Industry

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly said Thursday in an interview that he will have to "radically restructure" the airline if travel demand does not improve dramatically by the fall.

Earn Southwest A-List Status with Double TQPs for Credit Card Spend...

Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Card
The spend on your card gets you double tier qualifying points that get your closer to A-List status and all the perks.

(Video) Stunning Low Altitude Flyover of 400+ Parked Delta/Southwest Planes +...

A stunning flyover of 400+ parked airplanes in Victorville, CA. This low flyover is a super rare sight and one we probably won't see again for a long time.

US Airlines Seek $50 Billion in Government Assistance

U.S. airlines are seeking government assistance of more than $50 billion, including a mix of direct aid and loan guarantees.