Discover 2020 Calendar: Bonus Categories Announced

Discover has released the full 2020 calendar for categories that earn 5% cashback.  Most of the bonus areas have remained the same as in 2019 with a few new additions.

New Discover Authorized User Bonus & Why They Have to do Better! [Targeted]

Details of the new Discover authorized user bonus being sent out to cardholders. This is the first bonus of this type from Discover, but I think they may need to go back to the drawing board.

Discover Adds Amazon, Target and Walmart to 5% Categories

Discover Adds Amazon, Target and Walmart to Bonus Categories Discover offers 5% cash back bonuses on the first $1500 in spend each quarter (much like the Chase Freedom card). They release the full calendar at the...

Credit Card Reconsideration Strategies When Calling In Fails

Have you applied for a credit card and been denied? Utilizing these credit card reconsideration strategies can help turn that denial into an approval!

Activate Now: Discover 2nd Quarter Bonus Categories & How to Maximize Them!

Discover’s 2nd quarter bonus categories are now available for registration.

The Perfect First Credit Card for Going Off to College

Discover it Student First Credit Card For someone who only recently turned 18 years old, my son has a fairly long & extensive credit history. He has been an authorized user on many of my...

Make an Easy $25 with Your Discover Card [Targeted]

Discover sent out an offer by email to some cardholders with an easy way to make $25. All you need to do is pay two phone bills.

Discover 2019 Calendar: Bonus Categories Announced For All 4 Quarters

Today the new Discover 2019 calendar was released for the bonus categories. These are the categories where you can earn 5% cash back each quarter.