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Still Speaking French In Montreal!

Yes, since Montreal is still in the province Québec, French is the primary language here. Unlike Québec City though, English is definitely more prevalent. We spent the night in Laval, Québec, just outside the city of Montreal. I was excited when we were able to book the Radisson here for less than it cost for the uncomfortable hostel beds in Québec City. After a little research, I found out that the Montreal Metro (subway) had a station about a mile from our hotel. We decided to take the subway into the city in lieu of our car.

Surrounded By Walls In Québec City!

Seeing a city in six hours is my opinion of a joke. Unfortunately, this is all of the time we had to see Québec City today. In our defense, Québec City was not on our original itinerary. As we got closer to Canada, it seemed to turn up everywhere as a great place to visit, so we decided that seeing a little of the city is better than seeing nothing. With a small taste of the city, we can always go back and see more.

Bienvenue Vers Le Québec Canada

The three of us woke up Friday with a lack of enthusiasm. You see, it was that most dreaded time of the week. You guessed it, LAUNDRY DAY! It is not that we don't like to have clean clothes, (Shawn Reece being a typical little boy would probably bathe in dirt if he could) but it always seems that laundry day falls when we have so much to see. I will stop complaining about this since, to tell the truth, we woke up this morning with quite a bit of enthusiasm.

A Day That We Will Long Remember!

Today was my favorite kind of day. We were able to do a few things, we saw so much beauty and it wasn't rushed or stressful like it would've been in a big city. In fact, I loved this day so much, that I am including twice the normal amount of pictures. The day started in Merrimack, New Hampshire, just outside the city of Manchester. From our hotel, we drove about thirty miles to the coastal town of Portsmouth, NH. Portsmouth lies on New Hampshire's tiny bit of Atlantic coastline, right across from Maine's border.

Two More Days In The Bay State!

We loved the Doubletree Hotel in Lowell, MA so much, that we decided to stay there for another night. Most of this much needed extra day of rest was spent in and around the hotel. The hotel's location played a great part in our decision to stick around. The Doubletree sits on the banks of a canal in Downtown Lowell, within a short walking distance to quite a few old interesting places. Tuesday morning, we slept in late, lounged around the hotel and watched a little TV before heading out in the afternoon to get lunch and go to the library.

Baseball’s Most Hallowed Ground!

We woke up Monday morning ready to see the infamous Fenway Park. Originally, the plan called for us to see a game in Fenway, but since the Giants and Barry Bonds were in town this weekend, the tickets were way too expensive. Fortunately for us, Fenway Paawk provides tours on non game days. To be honest, there is no way I would've missed seeing this place!

Boston Is Wicked Awesome!

With our bodies still recovering from their "New York fatigue", we didn't get to the train station in Boston until about 11am. It took us awhile to get into the city, since two of the stations on our subway line were closed for repairs. With two stations closed, we had to take the train halfway, a shuttle bus to pass the two closed stations, then re-board a train to finish the trip. It added about thirty minutes to the normal time it would have taken, but what can you do?

Catching Our Breath & Losing It All Over Again!

After four long days in New York, the Coomer Family was in need of some rest. Friday was just such a day. Yay! Unfortunately, we couldn't extend our stay at last night's hotel in Hartford for another night, so we booked a different one not far away. Changing hotels, was about all we would do today. It has been awhile since we have taken a day off and it feels nice.